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Lady Gaga has been branded a monster

Lady Gaga has spoken out against bullying, although, she has now been accused of being a “bully and a monster” herself.

Lady Gaga has a lot of skeletons in her closet. The singer has been an advocate against bullying and has repeatedly spoken out against it. However, it seems Gaga may not practice what she preaches.

The Born This Way singer has been accused of bizarre and unpredictable behavior with her staff. The verbal abuse has left many of them too afraid to speak out against Gaga.

A former crew member who had worked on her Monster Ball Tour between 2009 and 2011 anonymously explained to Bang Showbiz, ”She would have a prayer circle before each show.”

”One night she just suddenly turned on one of the backing singers, branding her unprofessional and ungrateful. She crucified her in front of dozens of people — she skinned this girl alive.”

“It was so painful to watch — and no, you couldn’t step in.”

“She offers support to her fans who are victims of bullying and calls them her monsters — but she is a bully and a monster herself.”

Harsh words for Lady Gaga! The allegations are not the only headache for the hitmaker as her former friend, Brendan Jay Sullivan, has planned to reveal a tell-all book.

Gaga is also in the middle of a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari and now another friend has mentioned that she’s raunchy and completely obsessed with men.

The friend told The Sun newspaper: ”She is obsessed with men. She will do anything to get a guy. She is a complete exhibitionist and has had sex in places where she knows strangers can see her.”

“Her love-making is a big performance. She loves doing weird stuff in the bedroom. She is as extravagant in bed as she is on stage.”

Her supposed friend even went on to claim that Gaga — whose real name is Stefani Germanotta — lives in an ”alternate universe” and that the singer has transformed into her pop persona in her everyday life.

The friend claims: ”Nobody calls her Stefani. Even her mum calls her Gaga. She can no longer tell the difference between reality and performance.”

”It is like she is living her entire life in this alternate universe that she has created.”

Lady Gaga has launched the Born This Way Foundation to help victims of bullying, so it is a bit strange that she would go out of her way to help others and be a bully herself. Do you think Gaga is a bully or are these just vicious rumors?

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