The Newsroom recap: Sticky situations

Jul 29, 2013 at 5:00 a.m. ET

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Newsroom's Season 2 episode "Willie Pete."

Newsroom recap season 2 episode 3

Let's just get right to the facts: The News Night team had a pretty s**tastic week this week. Yet, despite the awful parts, they each took home some personal victories.


McAvoy's week was an interesting one. When it was found out that Nina Howard knew the real reason McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) wasn't on TV for the 9/11 anniversary, he goes on a rampage in an effort to find the leak. Poor Sloan (Olivia Munn) even spent some time thinking it was her. It turns out, though, that the culprit was none other than Reese Lansing, the president of ACN. When McAvoy and Charlie (Sam Waterston) headed to his office to put him in his place with a secret recording, they learn they both forgot to hit record. Whoops. Of course Reese just laughs them off. Will made a pretty decent comeback, though, when he found himself sharing a room with Nina after she agreed not to run the story.

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Sleeping with Will is always a win, right? And her conscience clearly scored big, too. On the downside, when Mac called to tell her "thanks" for not running the "flu/9/11" story, it became obvious to Nina that Mac still really cares about Will. Which, of course, made her feel pretty awful. Though, not awful enough to tell her the truth.

Jim Newsroom recap season 2 episode 3

Speaking of the truth, it was Jim's quest for the truth while on the Romney press bus that led to a frustrating week for him. No amount of pressing would earn Jim face time with Romney nor any real answers to his questions. On the bright side, after some poking and one of those moments-of-glory creator/writer Aaron Sorkin is so famous for, Jim managed to find two kindred spirits... with whom he got kicked off the bus. Luckily, one of his new buddies swiped some sandwiches on his way out the door.

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Maggie (Alison Pill) suffered the most stressful and the most rewarding week of all, perhaps. Last week she finally got Mac to agree to let her head to Africa to cover the state of things there. This week, she blindly took the required malaria pills handed to her without looking at the side effects. When Mac kindly suggested she do so, they send Maggie into a tizzy. Depression, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, confusion, itchiness and paranoia? Sounds like the telltale signs of a bad week for Maggie. It all proves worth it though when, after a scare, Maggie is told it's finally happening: She's going to Africa.

Of course, from the premiere episode, it clearly showed that things will not go well for her upon touching down in Africa. Ugh.

The Genoa tip

Everyone working on the Genoa tip earned a win. When one source proved to be debatable, a few select team members went into overdrive. They pinpointed the time and place of the supposed Sarin gas controversy and then used Twitter to see if any tweets matched up with what might have happened. The translations were slow and not much help at first. Finally, though, they found a report of jammed communications just after when the gas would have been sprayed/dropped. They're really starting to think they have enough to run with the story.

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There were two other minor points of interest. Neal was promised five minutes for Occupy Wall Street in an upcoming episode of News Night. And, while dealing with his breakup with Maggie, Don "fixed" a chair to humorous results.

So, are you loving this season, or what?!

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