Love advice from The White Queen: Premiere

Aug 10, 2013 at 10:00 p.m. ET

During the time of the War of the Roses, falling in love had its quirks. Just ask Queen Elizabeth.

The White Queen -- Elizabeth and Edward

STARZ's The White Queen is essentially a love story. It's true, too! With some extra cable-friendly love scenes, of course.

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When Elizabeth Woodville/Grey (Rebecca Ferguson) first met King Edward (Max Irons), she was a widow with two young boys. Her land had been taken from her. She was living with her parents. Most importantly, she was from a family that was adamantly against Edward's Yorkist past, as her family supported the House of Lancaster. Something about Edward (no doubt his handsome good looks) drew her in, though. There was no denying the pull he had on her.

Still, opposing allegiances make for a pretty sticky situation. And no matter how true she knew her love may have been, there was no denying the rumors that she wasn't the first common girl Edward had "married" under false conditions. As awful as the naysayers can be, Elizabeth did her best to stay calm and trusting in the man she loved. Freaking out wouldn't have helped him come to his senses and choose her. Nor would it have done wonders for her reputation. All she could do was remain silent and hope for the best, believing that true love really does conquer all.

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There's a lot to be said for Elizabeth's calm demeanor and, in the long run, that worked in her favor. She is, after all, the White Queen now. So, what lessons can we learn from Queen Elizabeth?

1) Keep calm and carry on

When was the last time drama got you anywhere? That old saying "cooler heads prevail" exists because it's true. When times get tough, your forbidden love needs to find strength in your calmness, not be freaked out by the future bridezilla in front of him.

2) Find just one ally

White Queen -- Elizabeth and her mother

Elizabeth's world was rocked when she fell in love with Edward. Her father and her brothers voiced their disgust for the king on an hourly basis and she had to swallow back her true feelings for the man. Knowing she had her mother Jacquetta Woodville (Janet McTeer) in her corner was massively reassuring for her. One person who truly believes in you can make you stronger than an army of friends who only kind of support you.

3) Know your enemies

When Elizabeth met Edward's mother for the first time, she was already married to the king and the visit could have proved disastrous, especially considering how naive Elizabeth seemed upon crossing the threshold. Her strength lay with her mother, yet again, who knew everything she needed to turn Duchess Cecily (Caroline Goodall) on her ear and keep her from trying to disrupt the marriage.

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4) Always be prepared

Whether it's magic or a ring, it's best to always turn up to a fight for forbidden love well-prepared. Sure, the magic might be a little harder to come by these days, but being able to meet your lover's needs will 1) show him you'll be a good match for him and 2) show everyone else just how meant-to-be you truly are.

Do you think you could have handled being in Elizabeth's situation? We'd certainly like to think so!

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