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Twisted recap: We need to talk about Danny

So much drama, so little time.

Twisted recap We need to talk about Danny

Last week, Jo and Lacey stumbled upon information that linked Danny’s dad and Regina. What were they doing together? We can only assume it was NSFW. It was Regina, after all. This week, Jo and Lacey are convinced they need to tell Danny, but they also know it’s time for him to spill the details on why he killed his aunt.

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  • Phoebe’s brother has a thing for Jo.
  • Danny’s workout buddy is poisoned, Danny is framed and kicked off the team.
  • Sher. Masterson buddies up to Karen for more deets.
  • Danny tells the girls he killed his aunt because she was going to ruin his family.
  • Lacey and Danny end up making out, again, and she ends up breaking up with Archie.
  • Sarita catches Lacey with Danny and Jo and gives her an ultimatum.
  • Jo’s in love with Danny (and tells her mom).

When Lacey tries to talk to Danny about why he killed Aunt Tara, things explode. She doesn’t get the truth out of him. And, worse still, the one thing he does open up about is his feelings toward Lacey. Since their kiss at Fall Fest, it’s all he can think about. While that’s probably true for her, too, she refuses to admit it. Her high-school reputation would take way too much of a dip if she dated the “socio.” So, they argue it out and then Danny walks away. But he’s not done pursuing her.

When Phoebe’s brother invites Jo to his birthday party at the cemetery, he mentioned that her “friend” Lacey will be there. Jo denies their friendship and tries to turn down the invite, but Danny signs them up. He’s clearly just interested in going so he can spy on his crush. Of course, when Danny and Jo turn up, Archie is far from happy. Sounds like a fun night, right?

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In an effort to get more info out of Danny, Jo and Lacey corner him at the party and demand the truth. Instead, he tells them about getting kicked off the soccer team because Archie (most likely) framed him to make it look like he poisoned his one and only friend on the team. Way to dodge their prying, Danny. Instead of getting new info out of Danny, Jo tells him what they found out on their road trip: that Regina and Danny’s father knew each other. Of course, despite all his secrets, they’re not allowed to keep any from him and he storms off angry that they didn’t share that tidbit.

When Jo chases after him, though, Danny tells her something: Tara and his father hated each other, for reasons he didn’t quite know or understand. Despite her trying to remain close to Danny, she knew something about his father that would ruin him… ruin their whole family. Danny did it to try to protect his family. He also shared that long before his father’s death/disappearance, he stopped visiting Danny in juvie. Why? We don’t know.

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Adding to the trumped-up high-school drama, Sarita called out Lacey on the fact that she’s been hanging with Jo and Danny again. While she promised not to tell on her, she also told her she needed to decide whether she wanted to be friends with her usual cool group or with Jo and Danny. Intense. Also unnecessary. Could it get any more overly dramatic?

Yes. Yes, it could. Like when Danny and Lacey started making out… on Tara’s grave. Ugh.

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