Anthony Weiner and this week’s other SNL-worthy material

Some weeks, the writers at SNL must fall to their knees and thank the parody gods for hand-delivering so much weirdness. A disgraced former senator who got busted sexting with a last name of Weiner? C’mon. You can’t pay for that stuff. Too bad SNL’s new season doesn’t start until September, because this week is the stuff SNL dreams are made of.

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner’s wiener is in the news… again

It’s just too easy, right? Too obvious? But so delicious, and so irresistible that we just can’t not write about it. We are of course referring to Anthony Weiner’s last name (not his actual wiener). It’s glorious enough that a politician has the last name of Weiner, but when he got busted for sexting, it blew the already-open door for tacky jokes right off the freakin’ hinges. It’s a moment Saturday Night Live writers must pray for.

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As you can see in this press conference, Mr. Weiner (with Mrs. Wiener at his side) is tossing his hat in the New York City mayor ring. Before he does that, he has to humiliate himself and his wife again by admitting that more inappropriate material will emerge. That must have been hard (heh, heh).

This video is so fertile with potential SNL material, the writers would have no idea where to start. Perhaps we’d see Weiner’s wife (and Hillary Clinton adviser) Huma Abedin (she kept her last name?) in an SNL parody with Clinton at Huma’s side, offering sympathy while clutching a picture of Monica Lewinsky. Maybe SNL would exaggerate Huma’s obvious discomfort and annoyance at the press conference by having her roll her eyes at everything Weiner says, huffing loudly and perhaps doing other things like filing her nails or doing a crossword puzzle. SNL writers would be sure to expand on the number of times and the various ways that Weiner talks about “putting things behind him,” and we know for certain they would spotlight the weird guy behind the cubicle wall who photo bombs the press conference and even waves at one point.

It is our fondest hope that Weiner gets elected as NYC’s next mayor, giving SNL rich material for the next several years.

(Note: None of the videos are suitable for work, for one reason or another)

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Blurred lines get a whole lot blurrier

The following is already a parody, put together by Mod Carousel. Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” has stirred up a hornets’ nest in the female objectification department, and Mod Carousel is here to right that wrong. They describe the video by saying, “We made this video specifically to show a spectrum of sexuality as well as present both women and men in a positive light, one where objectifying men is more than alright and where women can be strong and sexy without negative repercussions.”

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OK, I’ll just say it and you can lash out in the comments below. Incorrect usage of the word “all right” notwithstanding, I don’t get the “objectifying men” part. I see dudes dressed as women. I thought the objectification of women was when women are portrayed only as sex objects. As a straight female, I’m not turned on by men who are prettier than I am — I’m weird like that. This video is perfect for underscoring the intended message with lots of other communities, which is great. But if we are going to do a reverse objectification of Robin Thicke’s video, I need to see guys in faded jeans with no shirt on. I need a little more of a Zac Efron in The Lucky One, and not so much the Wayans brothers. Ummm ‘k? Since SNL doesn’t return until September, I’ll be impatiently waiting for SNL royalty, Lonely Island, to parody “Blurred Lines.”

Other various and assorted oddities

This is just the beginning — this week gave us so many SNL-worthy moments, including but not limited to the media frenzy and morbid preoccupation that surrounded the birth of the royal baby. Amanda Bynes started a fire and in so doing, almost lit her dog on fire, all while wearing a long (and presumably flammable) blue wig.

Chris Brown Lamborghini

SNL could have whipped up a “Chris Brown: Things you paint when you have more money than God” segment, since Chris Brown has gone from plastering the exterior walls of his home with graffiti to painting his Lamborghini like a Nike shoe. Maybe when it returns this fall, SNL could have Brown painting “Dogs Playing Poker” on the Eiffel Tower, or the NASCAR logo on the Greek pyramids.

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