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Ladies on the go: Quick breakfast, lunch & dinner ideas

You’re always on the go, but you still have to fuel that body! It’s easy to eat healthy, no matter how busy your business keeps you.

Young professional woman eating an apple

You wouldn’t think of attending a business meeting without preparing, and the same should hold true for your daily meals. A little bit of planning goes a long way toward making sure you’re always eating well — even when you’re always on the go!

Start the day with a healthy breakfast

  • Stock up. You can’t make a quick, healthful breakfast if your pantry is empty. Keep nutritious foods on hand so you won’t be tempted to resort to a fast-food drive-thru breakfast.
  • Cook ahead. Take some time over the weekend to prepare a batch of pancakes. They’ll store in the fridge for a day or two, and you can just pop ’em in the toaster to warm them up! While you’re whipping up those pancakes, boil a dozen eggs. They’ll keep for up to two weeks. (Bonus: You can use them for lunch and dinner recipes as well!)
  • Eat fruit. Start your day off right with a piece of fruit. Add some bananas to your cereal or sliced apples to a frozen waffle, or just enjoy the fruit itself — perhaps a handful of berries or some orange slices.
  • Get a (slightly) earlier start. Add 15 minutes to your morning routine so you can check your emails as you eat those pancakes, eggs or pieces of fruit.

Make lunch count

  • At a restaurant — When you’re rushing from one meeting to the next, it’s easy to make bad choices. Order carefully: Choose lemon water instead of sugary soda, try a turkey sandwich with honey mustard instead of mayo and order applesauce for dessert. Also, eat slowly… just in case the lunch meeting drags on.
  • At your desk — Assemble a ready-to-eat “salad in a jar” the night before so it’s ready to grab and go. Start by pouring your dressing into the bottom, followed by crunchy veggies. Put the lettuce in last — it won’t get soggy if it doesn’t touch the dressing. Talk about a satisfying lunch!
  • At the office buffet — Those mandatory office gatherings can wreak havoc on your good intentions. “If you’re eating pasta and bread,” says Bethenny Frankel, “don’t eat all the pasta and lose half of the bread.”

Enjoy a home-cooked meal… at home

  • Get crocking. Your slow cooker can be one of your best friends. You invest a few minutes of prep time in the morning (or the night before), the crock pot does its thing and your family comes home to a delicious meal that’s ready to eat. (And you walk into a house that smells oh-so-good!)
  • Make it ahead of time. There are tons of recipes you can make over the weekend to prepare later in the week. Cook up a storm on Sunday and enjoy spaghetti and sausage casserole on Monday, Italian turkey meatloaf on Tuesday, pork chops and apples on Wednesday and, well, you get the idea…

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