Pretty Little Liars recap: "Crash and Burn, Girl!"

Jul 24, 2013 at 5:14 a.m. ET

Why does A have to continue to be this big, bad secret? S/he's going to hurt the liars' families whether they spill or not. That's especially clear after tonight's episode.

Toby in Pretty Little Liars

We were told Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars is the season of answers, and they'd better not have lied to us. So far, Season 4 is going nowhere quick. I'm starting to feel like I did around Season 4 of Lost. It's a bit concerning, not going to lie.

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  • The school tries to accuse Mike of the car vandalism, but Ezra saves the day.
  • The girls find a bunch of rotten steaks in Wilden's house and a reference to a barbecue from A.
  • Aria and Ezra have a moment. It's not over yet, ladies and gentleman.
  • CeCe Drake is back, so to speak, and causing drama.
  • A car comes crashing through Emily's living room, barely missing her mom.

Caleb is with Toby trying to prove Hanna's (Ashley Benson) mom is innocent. They have a plan to solve the murder that involves a timeline of incidents on a wall as well as the lighter Toby found.

The boys find a plane that matches the numbers Emily remembers and dash off to find it.

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Mike is A's new target

The school is buzzing about Connor's wrecked car.

The police and school principal are asking questions about Mike's involvement in the car vandalism. Aria (Lucy Hale) tells her dad about the incident at school, and luckily, Aria's father takes his kids' side.

Aria thinks A is setting Mike up.

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A wants to barbecue

Emily (Shay Mitchell) goes to her mom's office and asks if the police are looking for other suspects in the murder. When her mom leaves her desk for a minute, Emily steals the key to Wilden's apartment, which was placed inside a locked box on her mom's desk.

The girls sneak off to Wilden's apartment and break in to see if they can find any clues about the real murderer. I'm still back to my point about A. If the girls really want to find another suspect, shouldn't Hanna show them the texts she received from A about the murder?

The girls find a box at Wilden's apartment. Inside are a bunch of rotten steaks. There's a note inside that says, "Can't wait to see you at our little barbecue. Kisses, A." No doubt this is referring to the fire.

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Emily in Pretty Little LiarsCeCe Drake is bringing the drama again

Toby and Caleb go and talk to a cutie at the airport named Nigel. The last time the plane left the airport was the same night as the fire. As soon as they leave, Nigel makes a phone call.

Toby sees the initials on the lighter and realizes they might be Nigel's initials. The boys head back to the airport to confront Nigel who tries to make a run for it. He says someone paid him to fake a flight plan. He remembers her name: CeCe Drake. Then Nigel runs, but Caleb snatches his phone without Nigel realizing it.

When the boys tell Spencer (Troian Bellisario) what happened, she thinks it's very possible CeCe is the murderer and A.

In a different scene, Nigel talks to someone about his missing phone. It's a girl, but we don't see her face.

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Aria and Ezra stare longingly at each other

Ezra talks to the principal about Mike, and tells the principal not to bring Mike's medical history into the situation because it's wrong. The principal says Ezra's close history with Aria is where he is wrong but listens to Ezra even still. Without evidence, the charges against Mike are dropped.

Aria runs into Ezra at his apartment as she's trying to leave a thank you note. He says there's nothing he wouldn't do for her, and they have an eye-googling moment.

So much for the living room

Emily's mom was suspended from her job because she lost the key. (The key Emily stole.)

Emily is feeling rightfully guilty. She goes downstairs to talk to her mom, but a car comes crashing through their living room, barely missing her mom. The two run from the room so we don't know anything about the driver.

Meanwhile, a hooded figure buys a hardware store gift card for Emily. For 50 dollars. That definitely won't cut it.

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