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25 Royally funny memes about the royal baby

Will and Kate try diva on for size

Kate Middleton Royal Baby Meme

By all accounts, Kate is a sweet, totally down-to-Earth kind of gal. We love how her being a diva in this meme still means asking nicely and tossing in the word lovely.

Kate Middleton David Beckham royal baby meme

She might not actually say it, but it’s not like she wasn’t thinking it. Oh, wait…. maybe that was us.

Kate Middleton royal baby meme

Hmm… she is giving that kid the stink eye. Can we say that about the future queen? It may be the stink eye, but it’s the most regal one we’ve ever seen. Better?

Will and Kate Middleton royal baby meme

Ha, ha! While we can’t ever imagine these guys saying something so elitist and snobby, we wouldn’t blame them if they did. If the royal shoe was on the other foot, we totally would.

Kate Middleton royal baby meme

Our sentiments exactly, Kate. Even when we were the ones doing it.

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