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25 Royally funny memes about the royal baby

The corporate world joins in the fun

Comedy Central Royal Baby Meme

Technically, this note wishing the new parents “sincere empathies,” is signed
by Gary, Chris and Nick from Guys with Kids and Regan and Chris from Up All Night,
but it pretty much sums up what every already experienced mother is thinking.

Delta royal baby meme

Delta hit Twitter with a cute little Delta plane mobile pic to welcome the Prince of Cambridge into the world… although something tells us this kid already has his own private jets in waiting.

Oreo Twitter Royal Baby Meme

Hey, if this is what royal bottle service is like, sign us up! Oreo’s cheeky tweet got a lot of attention, and rightly so. Long live the creme? Seriously, that was a stroke of royal genius.

Hostess Snacks Tweet Royal Baby Meme

We like how Hostess flipped the script in their tweet — announcing the birth of their sweet treat first. Is it terribly wrong that, even swaddled like a baby, we still want to eat this tasty snack cake?

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