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25 Royally funny memes about the royal baby

Pop culture gets the royal treatment: Kimye and more

Kanye West Royal Baby Meme

Well, we can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. It has become the meme for all occasions — just insert the latest trending event. But, admittedly, this particular scenario works really, really well.

Will and Kate Royal Baby North West Meme

Kanye wasn’t the only one getting the jabs. His girlfriend, reality TV’s queen bee, got her fair share of meme mockery in the form of jokes about she and Kanye’s own little (oddly-named) bundle of joy.

Imminent Ned Royal Baby

You’re tellin’ us, Imminent Ned! Game of Thrones’ resident doomsayer warns us about all manner of events, catastrophes and occurrences, so we found his caveat particularly credible.

Harry Potter Royal Baby Meme

What is the royal baby going to look like? Will he have Will’s eyes? Kate’s hair color? Who cares?! This Harry Potter-inspired meme asks the question that should reign supreme.

Chelsea player John Terry royal baby meme

An entire meme campaign was created around John Terry in 2012 after Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League Final — he’s taken part in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the triumph of Rocky Balboa, among others — so it only seems right he make a cameo with the royal baby.

Will and Kate Royal Baby Michael Jackson Meme

Well, you just can’t have a famous baby and not have a meme featuring the kid dangling over a balcony Jacko style, can you? Hey, it might be inappropriate, but it still made us chuckle.

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