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25 Royally funny memes about the royal baby

We’re so thrilled Prince Will and Kate Middleton finally had their baby, partially so we can stop waiting for it with bated breath. And what better way to pass the time than with a little humor? Here are our 25 favorite memes (and one GIF!) created in anticipation of the royal bundle of joy.

He just can’t wait to be King…

Royal Baby Lion King

One of the first memes to go viral in the wake of the wee prince’s birth, Rafiki shows off the future king to the world — Lion King style. Although we’re slightly more partial to this version…

Lion King Royal Baby 2

Why? C’mon… Prince Charles as Rafiki and Harry as Scar? We’re still laughing. Might we say, though, Kate’s mane looks lovely! However, our all-time favorite Lion King meme to pop up has to be this one:

Prince Harry Lion King Royal Baby Meme

Now, we’re sure Prince Harry is actually thrilled about being an Uncle.
And we’re sure he’ll be the cool uncle who teaches the royal baby to drive
(wait, does the royal family know how to drive?) and how to chat up the ladies. Still… it’s funny.

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