Switched at Birth recap: Since when is blackmail okay?

Jul 22, 2013 at 10:30 p.m. ET

In this episode of Switched at Birth called "Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger," Daphne and Jace hatch a devious plan, Angelo suffers some baby blues and Melody jumps back into the dating pool.

Switched at Birth - Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger

The storyline that caught me a bit off-guard this week was the one where Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Jace  (Matt Kane) basically blackmailed a senator to get what they wanted. Daphne and Jace were happily splashing in the pool one minute and the next Daphne was hearing about how Parker was pregnant with Coto's love child and he (no surprise here) wanted nothing to do with her. Daphne found Parker again later and didn't believe the other woman's story about it all being a mistake. I understood how angry Daphne and Jace were about the situation, but I was completely surprised by the fact that they thought it was okay to blackmail Coto to change his vote. What Coto did was wrong, but what they did was wrong too and I wonder how it will affect them both in the future.

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Angelo's (Gilles Marini) story was a difficult one in this episode. He finally found his baby, but she was living with two new, loving fathers and they understandably didn't want to give her up. I don't think Angelo was counting on the fact that Bay (Vanessa Marano) would basically take the other dads' side and want Abby to stay with them. I felt for both of them, but I have to admit that a part of me is siding more with Angelo — probably just because I really like him and selfishly want him to be happy. As much as I hope he'll get the baby back though, something tells me that it won't be a battle he will win.

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  • Daphne and Jace blackmailed Coto after they found out he forced Parker to get an abortion.
  • Angelo found his baby, but got into a fight with Bay, who thought the little girl would be happy with her adoptive fathers, just as she had been with her adoptive parents.
  • Melody jumped back into the dating game with Emmett and Travis' help, then ultimately realized that she had been too hard on her ex and gave him her blessing to get the Cochlear implant if he wanted it.
  • Toby met up with Nikki again, but it was only so she could help him get a singing gig. Nikki found out but cared more about the fact that her father's murderer had finally been found.

I really loved the story about Melody (Marlee Matlin) getting back into the dating game. At first, I was just happy to see her getting out there and looking for love, but then it turned into a bit of a comedy routine when Emmett (Sean Berdy) and Travis (Ryan Lane) decided to help her out by picking her match. When the date didn't work out, I was pleasantly surprised to see how it made her reflect on her attitude toward her ex and how that was having an effect on Emmett. The scene where she went to tell her ex that she would support him getting the cochlear was incredibly touching and I hope Emmett will learn to support his father's decision as well.

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Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and Nikki's (Cassi Thomson) relationship seemed to hit a bump when Simone (Maiara Walsh) came back into his life, but the writers pulled a fast one. It wasn't an affair they were having, she was just getting him back into music and, in the end, it did look like Nikki saw that he was missing it. All of that went out the window of course when she broke the news that her father's murderer had been found and I wonder where that revelation will take them.

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My favorite bits:

Jace deciding that kissing would come before floating. Sounds like a good plan to me.

"I don't think it matters which you wear."
"They're two gay men. It matters."

Realizing that Daphne has the worst poker face ever. She really blew it when Jace guessed about Parker.

"I can't believe I'm putting myself online like a used couch."

Cracking up when Toby suggested that the wedding was "just a technicality" for Nikki. Has he not met his fiancé?

"This is my nightmare."
"She looks good."
"And now I have a new nightmare."

Travis and Emmett setting up the date for Melody.

"Wow, I forgot how good you look with your clothes on."

Ty suggesting that he and Bay go to meet Angelo and see the baby.

Angelo informing Bay and Ty that he was a light sleeper.

"Be warned. When she burps it is not unlike Mount Vesuvius."

"You decide what your identity as a deaf person is."

"Now teenagers all over Kansas can fornicate without shame."

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What did you think of what Daphne and Jace did to Senator Coto? Are you on Angelo's or Bay's side with the baby debate?

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