Under the Dome recap: "Blue on Blue"

Jul 23, 2013 at 5:22 a.m. ET

Silly government, your puny weapons of mass destruction have nothing on the dome. All it accomplishes is some serious fallout for everywhere but its target.

Julia received a message in Under the Dome

I'm all for the "suspend your belief" mantra in television, but what is it these days with shows and nukes? Didn't we just cover this crisis on Revolution? They're big. They're bad. They're scary. I get it. But I also get that Japan is still getting over its radiation problem, so the idea that the U.S. would decide to drop one on itself, despite the state of the magnetic field, just doesn't seem very reasonable. But every other show seems to have one, so Under the Dome deserves one too, right? I think North Korea would agree.

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SheKnows Cheat Sheat
  • Big Jim frees Angie.
  • The dome is affecting the magnetic field.
  • The military suddenly starts communicating with Chester's Mill and even has a friends and family visit day.
  • Joe and Norrie kiss and don't have seizures.
  • Big Jim kills Lester when the pastor insists Big Jim confess his sins.

Lester talks with God

Big Jim isn't letting Angie leave until she tells him what she's doing in the shelter. She tells him Junior has been keeping her prisoner. He is stunned by the information and leaves her down there to think.

Lester tells Big Jim the Lord whispered the word Moab to him. He's getting some weird signal from his hearing aid and thinks it's a sign from God.

Lester goes on his God rant and wants Big Jim to admit his sins or he's going to confess for him.

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A happy sight for some

Barbie (Mike Vogel) finds Joe and Norrie looking at butterflies that have flocked to the dome for some unknown reason.

The soldiers bus in friends and family that were caught outside the dome when it fell. Suddenly, the government is allowing outside communication and Barbie wants to know why.

Linda has Barbie string up caution tape to keep people from touching the dome in case it blows up electronic devices like Duke's pacemaker. That doesn't stop her from making out with the dome when she sees her fiance though.

A man shows up at the dome with a sign looking for Norrie. She sees it and when she approaches, he writes that he's her father. He has pictures of her as a baby. All this time she thought she came from an anonymous donor.

Norrie is furious with all her parents and runs off with Joe.

Julia's sister-in-law Mary shows Julia a letter from Peter that says he's sorry and tells Julia she deserves better.

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Julia and Barbie in Under the DomeThe mother of all bombs is coming

Barbie shows one of the soldiers some kind of military coin. The man immediately salutes him, and Barbie asks what the situation is like on the outside. The man says something big is happening because they've asked everyone to pull out after the visitors are shuttled away. Once they leave, they aren't coming back. They got their order last night after the butterflies showed up. Barbie deduces that the dome must be altering the magnetic field and that's why the butterflies are flocking. (Who knew Barbie was a genius?) The government can't allow the magnetic field to change at any cost.

Barbie then realizes Moab makes sense. Lester's hearing aid was picking up a transmission. Moab isn't a city. It's an acronym. MOAB means "mother of all bombs." The government is going to drop a nuke. Visitors day was about saying goodbye to families.

Julia suggests the entire town relocate to the old cement factory as the best take-cover option they've got.

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Goodbye outside world

Big Jim releases Angie and apologizes for what Junior did to her. He lets her go because he thinks they're all going to die. She runs from the shelter.

Julia hears about the coin Barbie showed the military officer and asks what it was. Barbie says he received it because the government mistakenly thought he was a hero. He tells her about a mission in Iraq where his company accidentally fired on U.S. soldiers and killed them all before they realized what was happening.

Big Jim confronts Junior about Angie, and Junior runs from him.

Angie goes to her house but can't find her brother. She just finds Junior in her room holding a gun. He tells her they aren't finished yet. Junior fills Angie in on the nuclear weapon the government is dropping. He apologizes and says all he wanted was to make her better. And in the weirdest act on the show, Angie kisses him on the head and cradles his face.

Alice and Carolyn are looking for Norrie and Joe who are both missing. Julia leaves with Barbie through a back exit to find the kids. Joe and Norrie realize they're out too late to make it back to the bomb shelter and opt for kissing instead as the nuke hits the dome. They don't have a seizure when they kiss. More importantly, they don't die. Outside the dome the land has been leveled. Everything under the dome is unaffected.

Lester is still intent on Big Jim repenting. Big Jim presses Lester's head against the dome and his hearing aid explodes, killing the pastor.

Amid the wreckage outside the dome, a butterfly lands briefly on the surface.

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