The royal baby is coming, ah!

Jul 19, 2013 at 8:51 p.m. ET

As I sit here typing this, we are all at the edge of our computer seats waiting for news of the royal baby’s birth.

The royal baby bump

We’re having a baby!

Actually, Kate Middleton is having the baby. But with all the breathless anticipation surrounding the official announcement, you’d think this little nugget belonged to the millions of people watching.

This morning, I could hear the rapid clip-clap of high heels as our entertainment editor flitted over to my desk with the news. “Kate Middleton is on her way to the hospital!” she said with her palms in the air. We squealed, jumped for about 30 seconds, then that was it. We threw our ears to the ground and have been working tirelessly ever since to bring you the latest updates.

You can check out a live stream from outside the hospital here, if you plan to stay up late waiting for the announcement. There, you can also refresh yourself on the details of Middleton's pregnancy, along with photos and baby name speculation.


Get a live stream from outside the hospital.

So what's going on? Is she in labor? Have the royals announced anything on Twitter? Get all the updates here.


All the latest news, tweets and info here.

Waiting for the next British monarch can work up a most bodacious appetite. So here are some snacks to stop the tummy growls.

Noms noms

These hummus melts are a quick, easy snack for your night of royal baby watching.

Finally, here are some pictures of babies with kittens. Just because.


Open up and say awwwww.

Stay tuned to our entertainment channel and international sites for more updates. Cheerio, fair lasses!