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EXCLUSIVE: Josh Duhamel’s sympathy baby weight dilemma

Josh Duhamel reveals to SheKnows that he’s gained a bit of sympathy weight during wife Fergie’s pregnancy!

You know the old cliché that pregnant women refuse to eat anything but pickles topped with peanut butter? Don’t believe it — at least when it comes to Black Eyed Peas stunner Fergie.

“You know what, she’s been really disciplined in the way she eats during this pregnancy,” her hubby Josh Duhamel told SheKnows. The superstar couple, married since 2009, is expecting their first son together later this summer — and Duhamel admits that he’s pleasantly surprised at how she’s handled everything.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he admits. “I thought she may be miserable during this whole experience, she may not be… who knows how’s it going to affect her.”

Duhamel adds that Fergie hasn’t experienced nausea during her pregnancy, something he credits to her healthy outlook.

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“She’s sleeping great. She looks beautiful… literally glowing,” he adds. “I think it’s probably because she’s eating well.”

That’s not to say she’s not indulging a bit.

“She still has her cravings and still wants pizza and ice cream once in a while,” the actor adds. “Most of the time she stayed pretty true to her diet because she wants the baby to be as healthy as possible.”

However, Duhamel is taking every opportunity to enjoy the pregnancy.

“She eats a lot healthier than I do. I think I’ve probably put on more weight than she has,” he jokes.

To his defense though, Duhamel says he tries to make healthy choices like drinking Diet Pepsi, who he recently teamed up with to surprise unwitting shoppers as a grocery store clerk. Watch our interview above to see what happened when Duhamel took the reigns at the register.

What about a name?

Duhamel and Fergie aren’t releasing the name of their baby boy, he does reveal that they have it picked out — and it fits perfectly for their little family.

“It’s not exactly conventional, but it’s not that far out there,” he says. “We didn’t make a name up. We thought about it for a long time and it’s perfect for who this little baby is, we think. We’re not going to worry about what other people think about what we name our kid.”

What he will tell us? “It won’t be North,” he jokes, referring to the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s newborn daughter. “It’s a little bit of a risk, but who cares.”

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The North Dakota native says he’s more worried about what comes after the baby-naming part: the actual raising of a healthy, compassionate child.

“I would say the actually raising of the child into becoming a good human and a thoughtful, compassionate person,” he says of his biggest worry about fatherhood. “There are a lot of traps in Los Angeles or anywhere for that matter. What terrifies me of being a parent is that I just really want to instill some of the things that our parents instilled in us: respect, compassion, understand the value of things and money.”

Scenic Route: It’s “one of the scripts you pray for”

A baby isn’t Duhamel’s only important project. The actor stars as Mitchell in the upcoming indie film Scenic Route.

“It’s a tiny little movie that we shot that turned out to be one of the favorite movies I’ve ever done,” he reveals of the film, out Aug. 23. “It was such a challenge as an actor… One of the scripts you pray for.”

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The film follows two friends as they get stranded in the desert for several hellish days.

“It gets pretty dark by the end,” he reveals of the plot. “It gave me a chance to do things I’ve never had a chance to do before in this business.”

Luckily, his partnership with Diet Pepsi allowed him to let off a little steam. The actor teamed up with the maker of the delicious soft drink to punk a few unsuspecting fans at a grocery store. In the clip, he throws produce, drinks Diet Pepsi right out of the bottle — basically everything you’re not supposed to do

And the customers’ reactions? Priceless.

Fans were understandably starstruck when they found out that Duhamel was really the one behind the register, so we had to know: Who would make him feel starstruck?

“I think if I saw Bono behind the register’s clerk that might throw me a little bit,” he jokes. ” Kobe Bryant would be another one that would surprise me. Maybe because he’s 6-foot, 8.”

As for his next big film? That’s still up in the air — he’s more focused on fatherhood.

“I want to be home for at least the first several months,” he tells SheKnows of taking time off after Fergie gives birth. “I have a feeling that once the baby gets here I’ll want to be with [him] all the time.”

“Until the right project comes along I’m not in any rush.”

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