Is Tom Cruise behind Leah Remini’s Scientology defection?

The sister of Leah Remini is telling a shocking tale of what really went on behind the scenes of Scientology to make the actress flee after 30 years with the group.

Leah Remini

Why did Leah Remini leave Scientology after being a devoted member of the religion for 30 years?

The actress’ sister Nicole Remini, who also left the church along with the rest of the star’s family, sat down with myTalk 107.1 host Colleen Lindstrom to spill the beans — and confirmed the whole issue revolves around Leah’s questioning the whereabouts of the wife of Scientology head David Miscavige, who hasn’t been seen in public since 2007.

“Where the hell is [Shelly]? You know? This is how I see it playing out,” Nicole explained. “Shelly’s going to come out of the woodwork because in my world, I feel like they have her somewhere, wherever they have her. She’s probably paid to be quiet, and I have a feeling they are going to have to do something to bring her out of the woodwork because this is the primary question that everybody’s leading with. This is all Leah asked, and this is what it’s turned into?”

The star was also ratted out by a good friend when she began questioning the “weird” relationship between Miscavige and Tom Cruise, who sits at the pinnacle of the controversial religion and even brought the Scientology head on his honeymoon with Katie Holmes.

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“Leah had brought up to a very, very close friend of hers out of the house, like in private… ‘You know, I just think that it is really weird how involved Tom is with the upper levels of the Church.’ Like what, she just started questioning a little bit like, what was going on,” Nicole said.

“And just kind of the amount of, how do I, I just need to say this right, how involved he was with the upper-level people. And somebody actually wrote a report on her — her best friend wrote a report on her that she questioned it.”

“Well, then Leah got pulled in, it’s like how dare she question what is going on with Tom and his relationship with people within the church.”

Nicole also revealed that Fat Actress star Kirstie Alley, who is reportedly livid over the defection, has been bullying people into cutting Leah out of their lives — including Melinda Brownstone, her best friend and godmother to her daughter Sofia.

“Scientology is actually contacting her network of people. Kirstie organized a gathering of people at Melinda’s house and was tweeting about it. What kind of bully does that?” Nicole said.

“The basis of Scientology is standing true to your own belief and holding onto your integrity and morals. There’s nothing about allowing people to hang on to their own integrity in this. When you’re saying it’s either Leah or us, there’s no integrity in that. When you’re threatening people with all they know, there’s no integrity in that.”

Leah has not addressed the reason for her departure herself, but did thank fans for their support in a public statement.

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