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Summer books for the insatiable foodie

Books about food are popular, and for good reason. There’s nothing better than kicking back and reading mouthwatering food descriptions. Try one of these four foodie books on for size; we’re sure they’ll satisfy your appetite.


On the Noodle Road: From Beijing
to Rome With Love and Pasta

Jen Lin-Liu

On the noodle road

Newly married food writer Jen Lin-Liu is about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. When she begins wondering where the noodle originated — was it China, Italy or somewhere in between? Little does she know that her innocent questions will spell an amazing trip along the ancient Silk Road. Lin-Liu takes great joy in food, as she runs a cooking school in China, and in every locale she visits, she takes the time to talk to locals and sample their food. Her descriptions are absolutely delectable, and she includes recipes in her book for the more curious of foodies.


The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café

Mary Simses

The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop

Despite the title, The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café isn’t actually about food. Oh, it has its mouthwatering descriptions, but it’s a book about the simple pleasures in life. New York lawyer Ellen Branford travels to Beacon, Maine, to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish. But what should be a quick jaunt turns into something longer and more profound, as Ellen takes the time to learn more about her grandmother. What secret did she try to keep hidden all these years, and why? Mary Simses’ novel is full of love, laughter, and of course, enough food descriptions to keep even the most insatiable of foodies sated.


Blue Plate Special: An Autobiography of My Appetites

Kate Christensen

Blue Plate Special

Kate Christensen is a celebrated fiction author whose latest release is new territory: a memoir. But Christensen didn’t write just any memoir; in Blue Plate Special, she remembers her tumultuous life through the prism of food. For each of her highest highs and lowest lows, she has food to accompany her. Readers will love this brutally honest memoir; Christensen doesn’t try to cloak her flaws or make herself look better. It’s a book that will not only leave you thinking about the author long after it’s over, but you’ll turn that reflection upon yourself as well.


The Wet and the Dry: A Drinker’s Journey

Lawrence Osborne

The wet and the dry

Yes, we realize it’s not actually about food, but because it’s about something most of us ingest and quite enjoy, we thought we should include it on our list. Lawrence Osborne’s book is part travelogue, part science, part history, and part cultural exploration — a hard look into drinking alcohol. He reflects on alcohol consumption — both the good and the bad. It’s an interesting social and cultural book about an activity many of us partake in, but don’t really think about.

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