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Natalie Getz recaps The Bachelorette: Goodbye, Zak!

My predictions weren’t too off-base… well, maybe a little? I did predict Zak would go, so I got at least one thing right!

Zak couldn’t
put a ring on it

Brooks & Des, The Bachelorette hometown episode

My predictions weren’t too off-base… well, maybe a little?
I did predict Zak would go, so I got at least one thing right!




Zak, The Bachelorette

OK, so I was wrong. His family was great, and they had a wonderful time. What I did notice was when Zak walked Desiree out, she didn’t seem to reciprocate his strong feeling — at least, not as much as she did with any of the other three. As sorry as I feel for Zak, he seemed to have his emotions in check after being dumped and that says a lot about his confidence. He knows what a catch he is, and knows he’ll find the right girl. I’m curious to hear his thoughts at the men’s tell-all. Could he be our next bachelor? After all, he was dumped in the same episode Desiree was.

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Brooks, The Bachelorette

What can I say… his fam was pretty awesome. The name tags that they wore were smart, yet hilarious! From what I understand, Brooks’ father is not a part of his life, and that Brooks continues to show so much character speaks volumes of him, considering. I think that Brooks and Desiree have a very good shot at being a successful couple. That is, if she picks him. We still have three guys left.

The Bachelorette drinking game

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Drew, The Bachelorette

Everything about Drew’s hometown date was amazing. His sister was so excited to see him; she has so much positive emotion about him, and that says a lot. Not only that, but his dad considers her an angel on earth. Makes me shed some tears knowing how this family cares for one another. His parents, although divorced, have a great relationship as friends. This is so important when a divorce occurs. I’m glad that they all adored Desiree and that she loved them. As much as Drew and Desiree have a strong connection, I think that Drew will be our next bachelor. Think about it: He has a great family, a great story and heartache if Desiree dumps him. America is already in love with Drew, and this will make them all fall more in love. If Desiree and Drew don’t work out, I can guarantee he’ll be a hot mess. Every bachelor or bachelorette has been in his shoes.



Chris, The Bachelorette

This date seemed like nothing but a plug for his doctor father. I mean, seriously, three quarters of their hometown date was filmed from his chiropractic chair. I’m sorry, but if I were bringing someone home for the first time, I would expect there to be full attention on my significant other and not my place of business. Maybe his dad didn’t even want to get involved in adjusting backs and nasal canals on TV, but the fact that made the air was great TV, though a little repulsive. I felt like his family would be a little different, and I was certainly correct. Different is not always bad; however, in this case, is it enough to save the relationship? Plus, the fact that he turned a baseball diamond into a poetry session was a little odd. P.S.: Did anyone else notice how Desiree looked like she was about to fall asleep after her back adjustment with Chris’s dad? Maybe it’s time I go in for a back adjustment myself.

My predictions weren’t 100 percent. However, I have to say that they were pretty dang close.

What do you all think? Please let me know in the comments section below, and find me on the Twit: @nataliegetz

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