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Lindsay Lohan’s interview with Oprah: $2 million

For all of her legal struggles, Lindsay Lohan sure is making it seem easy. Her paycheck for the Oprah interview and reality show is $2 million.

The countdown has begun for Lindsay Lohan‘s release from rehab. She is expected to exit Cliffside Malibu on July 31.

In addition to the end of her court-mandated stint in rehab, the starlet has something to look forward to: a hefty payday from Oprah Winfrey. According to TMZ, Lohan’s interview and reality show deal with the OWN network is worth $2 million.

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The press had been speculating what Lohan’s first move would be post-rehab, so the Winfrey agreement makes sense since the 27-year-old wants to make over her image. However, nobody thought her paycheck would be that high.

It seems like her struggles and legal issues were all worth it — she’s getting paid well. The agreement also includes two assistants and a stylist so Lohan can look her best as she tries to make her way back into Hollywood’s good graces.

The interview with the media mogul is scheduled to air in August while the eight-episode docu-series will be scheduled for 2014.

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Sources told TMZ that Winfrey worked especially hard to land this exclusive interview with the Liz & Dick star. The negotiations took four months and it looks like that wrangling paid off for both of them. Winfrey gets the exclusive interview and Lohan earns a windfall.

The Mean Girls star will also be returning to the red carpet for the premiere of her long-awaited film The Canyons. The movie is set to debut at the Venice Film Festival at the end of the summer.

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