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Music review: Selena Gomez “Sad Serenade

This new single is rumored to be about her on-again off-again flame, heartthrob Justin Bieber ? and while the title boasts a mournful attitude, the song itself is relatively upbeat.

Selena Gomez

Musicians have tumultuous love stories just like everyone else, right?

We saw it most recently displayed in our Battle of the Exes article where we pitted John Mayer’s exes against each other, both famous for airing dirty laundry about past loves.

Then there’s the darling 20-year-old Selena Gomez, who made us crave more of her music post-“Come and Get It.” Her latest tease is “Sad Serenade,” which boasts an emotionally laden title that hinted this wouldn’t be a cheery track.

However, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

No, it’s not a worthy follow-up to the Top 50 sensation “Come and Get It,” but to be fair, it won’t even be featured on her upcoming album Stars Dance. But it is an upbeat and catchy remix-ready single about accepting defeat over a dwindling romance. It’s an interesting single and an equally interesting perspective, since I automatically expected a slow ballad with Gomez pouring out every single emotion she ever bottled up.

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My theory? The sadness one would expect from a songstress crooning about her dying love affair isn’t apparent here because Selena and Justin Bieber aren’t really over. Yeah, I’m not a gossip columnist, but her “Sad Serenade” either doesn’t sound genuine, or it’s not all that sad. She does get an “A” for performance effort, because her pulsating inflections are worthy of acknowledgement. And after all, who wouldn’t like another post-breakup anthem?

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What do you think, readers? Is Selena just exercising a positive outlook (one that we all should have in the face of a breakup)? Or is this single just to please radio listeners and isn’t truly a reflection of Selena’s current status?

Selena Gomez’s new album hits stores July 23.

Press play and drop us a line!

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