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David Beckham wants to name the royal baby

The latest celeb to add to the royal baby craze is David Beckham, who has a familiar name suggestion for the forthcoming baby. Well, if it is a boy, that is!

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are due to become first-time parents any day now and the world is on baby watch, eagerly anticipating the royal baby’s arrival.

Legendary British soccer player David Beckham and his friends have been jokingly discussing what they think the royal baby’s name should be. Beckham came up with the suggestion that the best possibility for the royal family’s new addition should be his own name.

“David’s pretty good. David’s not bad. I think they should go for David. If it’s a boy,” he laughed in an interview with Sky News.

The hunky soccer star is a family man himself, raising four children with wife Victoria Beckham — Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and daughter Harper — and he is a firm believer that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will make wonderful parents.

He said in his interview, “I don’t think they need my advice. They’ve got so many amazing mentors and parents around them, and grandparents. They’ll learn from them.”

“I think William and Kate, they’re going to be amazing parents because they’re so loving towards children. You see the way they are. Obviously, I’ve seen more of William than I have of Kate, but I think William has been in all of our lives for so many years and we’ve seen him grow from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman.”

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David, who is newly retired, went on to discuss how he hopes his kids will one day follow his career path and become soccer players.

“Of course, you know I’d love one of them to be a [soccer] player. It might end up being Harper. She might go into it. I mean — we shouldn’t show Victoria this — but I think if the boys go on to play [soccer], then great,” he smiled.

“I just want them to be happy, I want them to be healthy, and I want them to be fit, simple as that.”

Sounds like the soccer star knows what he is talking about. Perhaps King David would not be such a bad name after all?

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