Hugh Jackman's naked Japanese blunder

Jul 15, 2013 at 10:02 p.m. ET

Hugh Jackman recently shocked the native clientele when visiting a traditional Japanese hot spring, and he found himself leaving the trip feeling a little exposed.

Hugh Jackman recently shocked the locals during his visit to the traditional Japanese hot springs located at the base of Mount Fuji. The Australian actor was taking a break from filming his upcoming film The Wolverine, his sixth outing as the iconic X-Men character. Hugh Jackman upsets Japanese locals at a spa

Jackman was enjoying his relaxing getaway and utilizing the spa's facilities, exposing his muscles (and a little more) whilst clutching a beer in one hand and a small towel in the other. All the while, silently questioning why he was being stared at in dismay by the native clientele.

His crime? The hunky actor had been walking around the spa naked, without realizing that the towel he had been given upon his arrival, was meant to cover his genitals — which had been exposed for nearly an hour. Hmmm, easy mistake?

The 44-year-old Marvel man told WENN about his blunder, "This was at the base of Mount Fuji and I was the only white person there. I thought, 'Maybe this isn't cool and I'm not allowed to be there.'"

The ripped Australian continued to explain, "I'm getting so hot and I'm using the towel they gave me to dip into the cold water and put it on my head and I was getting very strange looks from everybody. I was feeling uncomfortable and finally this guy in the tub grunts and points to my head and then grunts and points to my private parts. Finally, I realized the towel was meant to be covering my privates and I'd spent about an hour just waltzing around this place with this thing in one hand and a beer in my other!"

Well, at least this embarrassing encounter has been able to generate further publicity for Jackman's upcoming film, and maybe he will even get his dream of Wolverine joining The Avengers?

Whilst we understand how important it is to respect other cultures, we're not completely convinced that seeing Hugh Jackman in his birthday suit would be that awful?

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