Mistresses recap: "All In"

Jul 16, 2013 at 5:00 a.m. ET

Move over Savi. That baby is yesterday's news as the other girls and their drama take center stage. Sam is stalking Karen and, oh yeah, April gets a visit from her supposedly dead husband Paul. No big deal.

Savi and Harry in Mistresses

And the hits keep on coming. We fully recognize that Mistresses is completely unrealistic. If real lives were this crazy, people would frequently find themselves in dark corners muttering and rocking back and forth as they hugged their knees to their chest for dear life. It's exactly why we can't peel our eyes away from the television screen each Monday night when the show airs. It's like a moth to a flame. We know it isn't good for us, but we still crave it. And the soap hasn't disappointed in the drama department yet.

30 Seconds or less

1. Dominic knows Savi doesn't know who the father is.
2. Karen doesn't feel safe as Sam becomes a legitimate stalker.
3. Karen bonds with Anthony, the insurance investigator.
4. Harry punches Dominic at Savi's company party.
5. April's supposedly dead husband shows up on her doorstep with a simple, "Hi, April."


Harry is focusing all his energy on the restaurant. His partner encourages him to ask Savi (Alyssa Milano) for some monetary support.

When Harry approaches her saying they need to talk, Savi thinks he's going to ask for a divorce. Instead, he tells her to keep her job. Harry says they're still a "we," giving Savi hope for their relationship. But is he saying it just to get some money from her?

Savi tells Dominic she thinks they should keep their distance from one another. Dominic reminds her about their co-worker's retirement party that she should attend if she wants to make a good impression for the potential partner job.

Harry goes with Savi to the party, and when he leaves her side to get a drink, he finds himself next to Dominic who congratulates him on the baby. Harry asks if Dominic is kidding and then punches him.

Savi finds Dominic, and he's upset that Savi didn't tell Harry about the two of them. He realizes Savi doesn't know who the father is.

Harry leaves the party and isn't returning Savi's calls again. When he finally comes home, he admits he feels all over the place, but hitting Dominic made him feel better.

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JossHarry punches Dominic in Mistresses

Joss moves in with April after her fight with Savi. Savi calls Joss to apologize, but Joss doesn't return her call.

Things at the office still aren't going well either. Until Alex visits and Olivier takes a liking to her.

Alex goes to a bar with Joss later that night and is unimpressed with Joss' drunken behavior. She leaves Joss money for a cab and goes home.

Joss takes a cab to her house and apologizes. She explains that Alex has only seen the good side. Joss admits she had a huge fight with her sister. Alex comforts her and offers Joss a place at her house, which Joss is, apparently, going to accept.

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April is about to sign the investment papers when Richard arrives. He tells her there's still time if she wants to change her mind. She signs.

At their dinner date that night, Richard proposes they get away for a couple of days and go to Santa Barbara. Richard also suggests they tell their children they're dating. April needs time to think about it. As they're exiting the restaurant, April thinks she sees her dead husband standing across the street. It's the classic "a bus passes and he disappears before she can truly see if it's him" moment.

April tells Joss she saw Paul. Joss says it's because she hasn't let him go and encourages April to do so. April goes to his grave and leaves her wedding ring. Why doesn't she just pawn it to pay the mistress?

April tells Richard she wants to tell the girls about their relationship and go to Santa Barbara with him.

There's a knock at the door, Paul is standing there alive and well. He says, "Hi, April." Oh boy.

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Karen tells Savi about her situation with Sam. Savi wonders if Karen is feeling unsafe. Karen insists she's fine but still heads to the convenience store to buy security cameras and pepper spray. At the store, she just happens to run into Anthony who tells her it looks like everything is cleared up with the investigation into Tom's death. He's still curious why she didn't admit he was suicidal when he originally asked. She explains it was because she wanted to respect Tom's legacy and Anthony admires her for being moral and beautiful.

At her house that night, Karen is listening to her messages. It's just a series of calls, all ending in silent messages from Sam. He's becoming less cute-infatuated-boy and more creepy stalker. Karen looks at her cameras and realizes one isn't working. Suddenly, she doesn't feel so safe. She convinces herself she's being ridiculous, but when she hears banging in her house, she becomes frightened. As a last resort, she calls Anthony asking for help with the camera.

Anthony comes right over and fixes it. They have a glass of wine together and end up having a nice time. He tries to kiss her, but she stops it because of the investigation.

The next morning Karen walks outside. Unbeknownst to her, Sam is watching her from a car across the street.

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