Monday is Dome Day! Under the Dome dish sesh

Jul 15, 2013 at 1:16 p.m. ET

Gather 'round, Under the Dome fans, for a little UTD dish sesh! We are cray-cray about the show that gave us another apocalyptic phobia, aside from zombies! Now we have to wonder if tomorrow we could wake up trapped under a dome! Mondays suck just a little less, thanks to UTD. Here are a few UTD discussion points…

Under the Dome

Being trapped never looked so good

Under the Dome fans are fascinated by the psychological twists and turns that come with humans being caged like rats. Junior, a Chester’s Mill’s councilman’s son, locked up his little gal pal Angie after he said, “I love you,” and she responded with, “It’s been a fun summer.” Ouch. Junior didn’t take too kindly to that, so he’s locked Angie up until the dome comes down. As Day 3 of captivity looms, we have to say that Angie is looking pretty damn good. No greasy, flat hair for this girl. Take a look.

(Note: Angie clearly has not read How to Be a Successful Hostage because as you are about to see, she antagonizes her captor, which is always ill-advised. Final note: What the hell is she b**ching about? Junior is hot. She needs to count her blessings. She could have been taken captive by Junior’s dad. Then she’d have a reason to complain.)

Image courtesy of CBS

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Selective journalism

Remember when Brave came out and we all wanted Princess Merida’s hair? Chester’s Mill’s solitary journalist, Julia Shumway, has it (and like Angie’s locks, it’s holding up pretty well). But we’re not here to talk about Julia’s hair or her annoying pursuit of answers that she has nowhere to publish.

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What we would like to point out is for all of Julia’s aggressive questioning and dangerous curiosity (following Junior underground is never a good idea), she doesn’t seem too preoccupied with her husband’s disappearance. She’s conveniently blaming his absence on the dome — she's assuming that he’s on the other side — but she doesn’t seem too worried about her husband, where he is or if she’ll ever see him again. Of course, maybe her hunky houseguest, Barbie, is providing a welcome distraction.

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Who is the “good” reverend?

For starters, the “good” reverend in Under the Dome isn’t so good. We’re having a hard time understanding the propane scandal that the Rev. Lester Coggins and Big Jim have cooked up, but there is one thing we know for sure. In and amongst an impressive catalog of acting accomplishments, the reverend (Ned Bellamy) was the whacked-out veteran Eddie Sherman on Seinfeld, who Elaine accidentally promoted!


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