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INTERVIEW: Jana Kramer on her new single, finding her true voice

SheKnows sat down with the beautiful and talented Jana Kramer to discuss tour pranks, becoming a better songwriter and the brand-new video for her message of revenge, “I Hope it Rains.”

Jana Kramer doesn’t mince words. Her current single “I Hope it Rains” is a love letter of sorts to all of her ex-boyfriends out there. “I’m hoping that my ex-boyfriends are having really bad days and it’s raining on them.”

A fun, sassy song, Jana was careful that her revenge anthem didn’t get too out of hand. “I wanted to go with something fun and sassy — not too mean. That’s why I’m always sass with class.”

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As fun as it to think about revenge against your ex, Jana has more fun performing the song on stage. It gives her a chance to, as she puts it, “show personality, have fun with the band and just kind of rock it up a bit.”

It seems that Mother Nature agrees. “The last six shows, it’s started to rain during ‘I Hope it Rains.'”

That fun and spunky personality comes through in the new video for “I Hope it Rains.” Even though Jana started her career as an actress, she was happy to not have to act in this video.

“I just wanted to have fun — have the band run around and be stupid. I don’t have to be the one acting. I get to be the one having fun.”

Don’t let Jana on your tour bus

Jana just finished touring with Darius Rucker and is about to go out on tour with label-mate Blake Shelton on his “Ten Times Crazier” tour. “Darius is fantastic — his whole crew. I was really sad the last day.”

However, Jana wasn’t sad enough to forgo the final pranks that her crew and Darius’ crew pulled on each other.

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“During the tour, I had a bird fall on me from the sky and it died — there was blood all over everywhere.” And while that seems like a traumatic experience, Darius’ crew decided they couldn’t let it go. “The last day on the tour, they had a fake bird [fall] down [on me] and they covered the stage with feathers.”

So how did Jana retaliate? “During ‘Hold My Hand’ we dressed up like Hamburger Helper hands and danced around the stage.”

But the hijinks didn’t end there. Jana also snuck into Darius’ tour bus and plastered photocopies of her crew’s rear ends all over the bus while covering the floor with full cups of water. “They couldn’t even walk on the bus.”

So Blake, you’re going to have to watch out — don’t let Jana Kramer on your tour bus!

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Since she starts rehearsals next week, Jana didn’t have any details about the tour that she could let us in on. But she was excited about a VIP experience that will be taking place before the shows.

“We’re doing this really cool thing called meet and compete. [Fans] can come and play ping pong or cornhole with me, so I’m excited to be able to hang out with my fans a little bit.”

When the tour is done, instead of going back to Hollywood, it’s back home to Nashville for Jana. “Nashville is my home. It’s where I want to eventually raise the kiddies… eventually… waaaaaay down the road.”

Jana’s true voice

Speaking of the future, Jana is very excited about her strides and growth as a country artist. She feels that for the first time, she’s been able to find her true voice as both a singer and a songwriter.

“The more people I have written with, I’ve learned from each person and figured out the way to make stronger choices in the words that I pick and how I say things.”

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But don’t worry, Jana will be keeping her “sass with class” around for the long run.

And she’ll need it, because when asked who she’d like to duet with, she answered, “Adam Levine. Or Blake, of course.”

So is there anything that Jana Kramer doesn’t do well?

“I want to get better [at] playing the guitar. I just need to get the confidence. I can play, it’s just the confidence.”

She noted, however, that she’ll be playing the guitar on this upcoming tour, so she’s going to have to get that confidence pretty quick.

We have faith in you, Jana.

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