True Blood recap: Welcome to Vamp Camp

Jul 15, 2013 at 5:15 a.m. ET

Burrell's FBI takes almost every vampire into custody, except Billith and Ben who are too focused on Sookie to realize all their friends have gone missing.

Jessica in True Blood

The entire cast of True Blood has been slowly trickling into this Vamp Camp since the start of the season. No one really seems to notice or care that all the vampires are in custody just yet, but we have a feeling that's about to change. Sooner or later the people left in Bon Temps are bound to realize the town's population has dwindled significantly.

Not that the others don't have some pretty big distractions.

30 Seconds or less

  1. Bill can control Ben as his maker because Bill has Lilith's blood.
  2. Jessica, Willa, Pam, Eric and Tara (pretty much every vampire at this point but Bill and Ben) are taken to the camp.
  3. One of Andy's faerie girls survives.
  4. Burrell expects Pam and Eric to fight against one another to the death, gladiator style.
  5. Sookie's dad, after possessing Lafayette's body, tries to kill Sookie for the second time.

In fact, the show opens right where it left off. Sookie (Anna Paquin) hovers her little faerie ball of light over Ben. They're both half undressed and she's trying to prove she didn't like it by threatening to kill the vampire. He, on the other hand, thinks they are destined to be together. She wants to know why he killed her parents if he loves her so much. And — shocker — Ben explains he killed them because he was saving her life. Sookie's parents were going to kill her.

Leave it to Bill (Stephen Moyer) to interrupt this beautiful moment. Now that the faerie girls are dead, he needs some new blood to experiment with and shows up at Sookie's house. He commands Ben, as his maker, to come with him. Since Bill has Lilith's blood, he can control Ben, apparently.

A faerie girl lives

Sheriff Andy goes looking for his girls at Bill's house and finds them dead on the floor, except for one who is still alive but barely breathing.

Jessica runs before Andy can discover her.

Andy uses the vial of vampire blood he saved to save his daughter's life.

Andy is grieving and knows Jessica is at fault. He wants to kill Bill but Holly stops him and calls off the search for the girls. She tells Andy that he has to do what's best for the faerie daughter he has left.

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Sarah wants to "save" Jason... again

Jason finds Sarah on the side of the road after Burrell rejects her desire to have a baby and get married. Sarah wants to save Jason's soul and believes God wants her to have sex with him. So they do.

Of course, right after the romp, Jessica goes to Jason's house and asks him for help. Sarah walks out and thinks Jason is sleeping with a vampire. Sarah has Jessica taken by SWAT.

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Tara also get taken into custody. They give themselves over to SWAT when Eric discovers Pam was arrested. He plans to find Pam, but none of the other inmates will even speak to Eric let alone give him information about Pam's whereabouts.

Burrell discovers that Eric is at the camp. He speaks with Eric and tells him that Willa is also at the camp. That surprises and upsets Eric. He didn't think the governor would react so harshly to his own daughter. A door opens in the room where Eric is being held, and Pam steps inside. They want them to kill each other, gladiator style.

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Burrell in True Blood

Ben doesn't like vampires

In flashbacks, we see that Lilith made Ben to be the vampires' salvation.

Ben hates Lilith and thinks she took everything from him. It's revealed that Ben returned to his village after he was turned into a vampire and lost control. He killed everyone, including his family, except a young boy named Niall.

After he killed his entire village, Ben went back to the cave where Lilith slept and used his faerie magic to create a hole in the cave, exposing the sun and lighting Lilith on fire. He tells Billith s/he should have stayed dead.

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Sookie's dad wants her dead

Sookie goes to Lafayette for help. She wants to conjure up her dead parents' spirits to discover what really happened the night they died. Why she can't just read Ben's mind and make things easy is unclear. It's not like she doesn't know he's with Bill.

In her parents' memory, Ben tried to claim Sookie. In her parents' panic, they tried to kill Sookie to ensure Ben would never have her.

Sookie's father possesses Lafayette and tells her he loves her, and it's because he loves her that he does what he does. In Lafayette's body, he forces Sookie into the trunk of his car, intent on successfully killing her this time.

Her father/Lafayette takes Sookie to the lake and shoves her head under water, saying he hopes she will understand when she gets to the other side.

Other things to note

  • Nicole is ready to go home, but Sam won't let her. If the werewolves track her, they'll kill her and everyone she loves.
  • Jason knows Jessica was taken by SWAT and says he intends to fix everything. At least one person is trying to save the vampires.
  • Willa is taken to the camp and is considered a VIP. She's not allowed to mingle with the others. No word on Nora, though. We haven't seen her since she was taken by SWAT.
  • Terry visits with an old friend named Justin and asks how his shooting is. Terry wants to die. Justin agrees to kill Terry.
  • Alcide is looking for Sam and Emma. His father gives him some advice. Alcide's dad knows Rikki's really the one running the show.
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