Dexter recap: "What's Eating Dexter Morgan?"

Jul 15, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. ET

It's confession time for Deb, who has so much guilt that the alcohol can't wash it away. Good thing Quinn still can't see the bad in her, despite everything.

Dexter and Quinn talk

It's easy to forget Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is a dad amidst all the killing and Deb's (Jennifer Carpenter) depression this season on Dexter. That is, until Dexter finds Harrison in the bathroom covered in red goop. Don't worry, he just got into a box of frozen pops and made quite the mess.

30 Seconds or less

  1. Evelyn offers to help Deb and is more than curious about Dexter's relationship with her.
  2. The police find Sussman's remains and think he is the Brain Surgeon. They dub his death a suicide.
  3. Deb confesses to Quinn, who, luckily, just thinks she's having a mental breakdown.

Deb's still the real problem. She starts the episode off in all her glory when she's found drunk and asleep in her car. She ran over a parking meter and is arrested.

She calls Quinn to bail her out, who lies about the situation to Jamie. Quinn asks Deb if he should be worried. Duh! At least he has the smarts to tell Dexter about the DUI.

Dexter finally spills on the situation with Deb to Evelyn, who is more interested in Dexter's feelings than actually helping Deb.

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Look outside

Dexter is called to a crime scene. It's Sussman's house, but the body isn't hanging from the ceiling anymore. Instead, Sussman's found with a bullet through his head. Batista thinks they've got the Brain Surgeon. Dexter knows better. The real killer shot Sussman through the head to get rid of the evidence that the killer stole part of his brain.

Evelyn receives a text from an unknown phone number that says, "Look outside." She does and finds two brain presents. The killer labeled them "his" and "hers," which Dexter takes to mean the killer knows about his involvement as well.

Dexter is combing through Evelyn's files and looking into names as potential killers. The next on the list is a gentleman named Ron, who was sent away because of Evelyn. He has a pretty good reason to hold a grudge.

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Dinner is served Hannibal-styleThe FBI in Dexter

Dexter goes and talks to Ron. He concludes Ron's definitely hiding things because he pretends to not know Evelyn.

Dexter searches Ron's house. Inside, he finds a pot of soup, which appears to have a finger bone cooking inside. In the freezer are assortments of meat, all labeled. He finds a container with a marinating brain inside. It's whole. Ron isn't the killer because the real killer never would have left a brain whole and marinating in garlic.

Evelyn wants to know why Dexter didn't kill Deb when she discovered the truth about him. She also wants to know what Dexter loves about Deb because it's different for psychopaths. Evelyn doesn't think Dexter is capable of selfless love. Still, she offers to help Deb.

Jamie makes a comment about the case in the middle of the night. Batista says there wasn't a case and Quinn is forced to explain the situation with Deb, but he swears nothing is going on. Jamie isn't happy and leaves Quinn to eat dinner by himself.

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A confession too drunk to believe

Deb goes to the police station drunk and says she wants to make an official statement with Quinn. She wants to confess. She says she killed LaGuerta. Quinn thinks she's just grieving, but when she insists, he asks her to write down everything she remembers.

Quinn calls Dexter to help Deb. Dexter heads to the station and asks Evelyn to come with him. When Dexter arrives, Deb goes crazy, but Dexter sedates her and Quinn helps them out of the building.

Dexter leaves Deb with Evelyn so Evelyn can help her. He is certain he consumes everyone he loves.

To get some anger out, Dexter hunts down Ron and kills him.

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