Stacy Keibler vanishes from Twitter after split from Clooney

Jul 12, 2013 at 4:05 p.m. ET

Where is Stacy Keibler on Twitter? A normally talkative and happy Keibler is unusually quiet on Twitter since her breakup from George Clooney.

Stacy Keibler shows off her legs at a rare public appearance.

Stacy Keibler's Twitter account has an intense and loyal following. The gorgeous model and actress tweets daily about her life, including tips for being healthy, candid photos and chats passionately about issues she advocates, like wildlife havens.

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Yet since her split with Hollywood's favorite A-lister, George Clooney, Keibler has vanished from her Twitter account. We think she might be taking some R&R given the the intense spotlight she's under since she and Clooney called it quits.

Speculation on her breakup from Clooney is running wild, with many outlets saying sex was a major deal breaker for her.

Some say Keibler — known for her highly sexual WWE days — might have been missing her man just a little too much. A total lack of sex can drive a serious wedge in any relationship and it appears Stacy Keibler and George Clooney just didn't get enough bedroom time to keep the romance alive.

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The couple faced rumors their relationship was on the demise back in March 2013 when reports surfaced that Keibler wanted to move on so she could start a family. Clooney is notoriously open for his decision to avoid a second marriage or to have kids.

But now, Us Weekly says Keibler broke up with Clooney earlier this week because of a "dry spell" due to their busy travel schedules. A source for the magazine says Keibler just couldn't put up with Clooney's lack of commitment.

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"They hadn't had sex in months," says Us Weekly. "He's been in Europe, and she's in LA and they haven't seen each other in a long time. Some girls would be okay with that and just be happy dating George, but not her."

Since news of her split with Clooney, Keibler has been unusually quiet on Twitter. The WWE beauty often posted daily, updating her 340,000 followers with inspirational quotes, updates on causes she's passionate about and fun photos. Since July 7 — the day before news of Keibler's breakup with Clooney went public — her Twitter account has yet to be updated.

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