Music review: Skylar Grey "Only Thing I Hear"

Jul 11, 2013 at 1:20 p.m. ET

Skylar's dropped a brand-spanking-new album, and it seems like everyone's focused on the bonus track instead of the main tracklist.

Skylar Grey

So why is this song, "Only Thing I Hear" the "Pippa Middleton" of Skylar Grey's new album Don't Look Down?

Because just like Pippa drew viewers into a frenzy with her very appearance at her sister Kate Middleton's wedding, this track stands out from the new album that Skylar's trying to promote.

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While it's not featured on the album's finished product, the single can be heard on Spotify as a bonus track.

In case you didn't know, bonus tracks are usually the blubber you don't really care to hear. But in this case, it's a moody guitar and drum ballad that caresses both your heart and your ears. The story is that of seemingly doomed lovers who don't have favor from the girl's parents to be together and their subsequent suffering. Consider it the female version of Bruno Mars' "It Will Rain" in terms of meaning.

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To give you a taste, check out these lyrics:

"What they don't know is that I am a lot like you
It doesn't matter that we have an ocean view
Though it's all picture perfect, unlike me and you"

Even if parents aren't the bane to your relationship's existence, you want to root for this couple in the song. Perhaps it's just the fact you want to believe in their love. "Only Thing I Hear" is a softer, slowed-down version of the sentiment Jay-Z and Beyoncé's "Bonnie & Clyde" embodied, and anyone can admire that. You don't have to be Romeo and Juliet to find beauty in star-crossed lovers, do you?

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If the name Skylar Grey seems remotely familiar to you, it might be because she's collaborated many times with rapper Eminem. He helped produce this new album, which has held a spot at No. 3 on iTunes. If you're curious to hear Skylar's talent in person, she'll be on tour starting this month! Let us know your thoughts on this song and the album, and voice if you think they're as good as I think they are!

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