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VIDEOS: Elisabeth Hasselbeck takes her views to Fox News

Whether you love her or you’re completely annoyed by her, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has made a name for herself on The View by going toe to toe with her co-stars and guests. Now she’s packing up her opinions and attitudes and heading to Fox & Friends. Here, we take a look back at a few of our favorite Elisabeth Hasselbeck moments.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Kathy Griffin “not so funny”?

Those familiar with Kathy Griffin’s sense of humor know she’s the kind of gal you don’t want to cross. And yet that’s just what Elisabeth does in this clip. That takes guts. Those who aren’t fans of Elisabeth might call it stupidity. Whatever it is, Elisabeth sits quietly leaning back on the sofa, propping up her girls, until she gets up the nerve to tell Kathy that her jokes are “untrue” and “not so funny.” Game. On.

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Who designed this great bag?

When The View girls tackle the controversial topic of evolution, Elisabeth equates creation with fashion designers. When she looks at a great bag or a great pair of shoes, she thinks, “Who designed that?” and applies that same logic to creation. Sure, that is a bit snicker-worthy, but is it really any goofier than Whoopi Goldberg saying the Big Bang was nothing more than a big clap from God or Joy Behar trying to explain the existence of cockroaches? Needless to say, the girls didn’t solve the mysteries of the universe with this conversation.

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Now you see her, now you don’t

Sweet Elisabeth stands to greet the panel’s guest, Chris Rock’s mom, and then realizes she’s already seated on the sofa. Poor thing! Live TV is hard. This clip sort of speaks for itself.

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The haters

Elisabeth Hasselbeck seems sweet and well-intended, but her views often polarized her from the rest of the all-female panel and the audience. Cue the haters. When it is brought to Elisabeth’s attention that a name almost identical to hers is used in Law & Order SVU for one of its victims, she takes offense. Elisabeth calls out “the powers that be” and it doesn’t go so well. What we love about this Elisabeth moment is that her co-stars, whom she is often at odds with, come to her defense. Awwww.

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