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Twisted recap: Love on the town square

Home is where… your best friend treats you like a leper in public but wants to make out in dark alleys.

Twisted The Fest and the Furious

ABC Family’s murder mystery Twisted finally became a soap opera this week. Since the very beginning, we’ve witnessed some pretty intense almost-moments between Danny and Lacey. It’s also been obvious that Jo has feelings for Danny. But would anything ever come of it?

Karen’s suspicions

30 Seconds or less…

  1. Karen seems less certain of her son’s innocence.
  2. Jo and Danny go to Fall Fest together. Most of the town is annoyed. Sheriff Masterson’s job seems to be in jeopardy. Jo’s choice of date hurts Rico.
  3. Lacey finds letter for Regina in a pile of condolences. Inside the envelope: tons of cash and a reminder to keep silent. Danny and Lacey kiss. Yuck!
  4. Rico witnesses Karen throwing Reggie’s necklace into the water.

Last week ended with Karen toying with Regina/Tara’s necklace, which had been hidden in the cup holder of Danny’s dad’s chair. This week opened with Danny in the chair, fondling the same necklace. Once in the kitchen, Karen watched Danny with what looked like concern on her face as he sliced a banana for his cereal. She spoke of getting rid of some of Mr. Desai’s belongings… including the chair. Danny wouldn’t bite, though. He just told her he’d like to keep the chair (and other possessions) for sentimental reasons. Dangit.

Later on, we watched as Karen talked with Danny’s therapist. She wanted to know how to tell if someone was a sociopath. The therapist’s first stipulation: Sociopaths don’t kill people. They may be able to coerce people into doing what they want. They’re probably glib. And they’re masters at mimicking real emotion. But they don’t kill people.

I’m not sure if it’s her character or Denise Richards’ acting job, but I think she seems just as sociopathic as Danny.

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The letter

After finding out about Danny’s connection to Regina’s missing necklace, Lacey seems more convinced than ever that Danny killed her BFF. Still, she wants to know more about the bauble, so she goes to the source: Regina’s mom. Except, she doesn’t know anything. Feeling guilty for poking Reggie’s mom for answers, Lacey offers to help her with the condolence letters. In the basket, though, Lacey stumbles across an envelope addressed to Regina. Tucked inside is a wad of cash and a typed note (in Courier New, for added effect):

This is your final payment. Deal holds, keep your mouth shut. If you tell anyone, you know what’ll happen.

Cue eerie music.

It all goes down at Fall Fest Twisted The Fest and the Furious

Jo convinced Danny to come with her to Fall Fest, but that was far from a good idea. One townsperson even assaults Danny. The kerfuffle results in the Mathletes’ Pi Pie booth being turned upside down… as if Rico was annoyed already about Danny’s presence. It’s clear he’s annoyed over his lack of alone time with Jo. The incident should have convinced Danny and Jo to miss out on the dance, but in the long run, they decide to risk it. Danny convinces Sheriff Masterson and the mayor to lay off and joins Jo on the dance floor. He’s incredibly sweet to her over how pretty she looks and they share one silly dance, followed by a slow dance. (As Rico looks on dejectedly, of course.)

It quickly comes to an end, though, when Danny gets a text and “heads home.”

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Home actually turns out to be a dark area a few streets over, where he meets up with Lacey. She shows him the letter, but he’s more interested in the motives behind her meeting place. She starts to walk away, but changes her mind and kisses Danny. Then, when she goes to leave, again, he pulls her to him and kisses her in return. Gag me.

The only thing worse than Danny and Lacey kissing is Jo’s face in the diner. The last time we see her, she’s waiting for Danny to meet her at the diner. She perks up when she sees him, but when Lacey follows behind, her smile is gone and she looks absolutely crushed. Poor Jo!

About the necklace

For reasons I shall not attempt to guess, Karen is determined to unload that stupid necklace. (Who’s guilt is she hiding: Hers or Danny’s?) She finally makes her way to a local footbridge and tosses it into the water below. But, who could be lurking in the shadows and watching the scene unfold? It looks like Rico.

How will he interpret her actions? I can’t wait to find out!

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