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Where are they now? Alfonso Ribeiro and the Fresh Prince cast

Ever wonder what happened to Fresh Prince’s Alfonso Ribeiro, the guy behind the goofy Carlton dance? The truth is, Ribeiro is way cooler than that one dance — and he’s got a brand-new show on TV.

Where are they now?
Alfonso Ribeiro

“The script just said, ‘Carlton dances,'” Alfonso Ribeiro explained of his crazy dance moves on Fresh Prince.

So he let loose like a goofball. Ribeiro is actually a very skilled dancer, though, and he even appeared in a commercial alongside Michael Jackson. Does it bother him that “The Carlton Dance” is what everyone remembers? No way. It’s just good to have a special place in people’s memories. But…

“I’m asked to do that dance. Every. Single. Day,” Ribeiro said, and he admitted that it gets a little old.

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So, what’s he up to now? Ribeiro has been all over TV, actually. He’s also become something of a perpetual host, sharing his talents on such shows as Catch 21 and GSN Live! Now he’s hosting an all-new game/reality show. Spell-Mageddon is the hysterical and wholesome answer to all the stuff you’re too embarrassed to watch with your family. The show pits competitors against familiar-enough words that, normally, wouldn’t be much of a spelling challenge. But there’s a catch: While trying to spell the words, the contestants are also up against some… complications — like being sprayed in the face with ice-cold water, made to sniff weird smells and more. It’s not so much a spelling bee as a giant game of vocabulary-oriented Concentration.

Has Ribeiro tried his hand at the challenges?

“No!” he laughs. “That would be torture.”

The hilarious Spell-Mageddon airs on ABC Family on Wednesdays at 9/8c.

Now that you know what Ribeiro is up to, are you curious about the other Fresh Prince cast members? We’ve got your back!

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