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Mistresses recap: “Payback

The can of worms is open on Mistresses, but the details about the paternity test are still sealed shut tightly just like Harry’s mouth.

The girls of Mistresses

After last week’s confessional on Mistresses, we expected Harry to be mad. This week, Savi (Alyssa Milano) and her pregnancy brain only made things worse — if you can even blame her word-vomit on that. Maybe the girl just needs to think before she speaks. Or acts. Or moves, for that matter.

30 Seconds or less

  1. Savi has pregnancy brain (or just isn’t thinking) and makes things worse with Harry. She also messes up with Joss. Big time.
  2. Someone breaks into Karen’s office and all signs point to Sam.
  3. After Karen forges notes about Tom’s mental state, Elizabeth strangely leaves the country.
  4. April decides to pay off Miranda and gives her the full sum.


So Savi spilled the beans and Harry didn’t say anything. Anything at all. Not one word about his cheating wife.

She goes and visits him at the restaurant to talk about their relationship. A hot hostess named Kira interrupts them and leaves Savi thinking Harry is also cheating on her.

Harry doesn’t come home again that night.

Dominic visits Savi at her office. She tells him that she’s pregnant and it’s Harry’s baby, even though she hasn’t gotten the paternity results back yet.

Savi goes back to the restaurant and tries to speak with Harry again. She says she’ll quit her job and start at a new firm working fewer hours so they can spend more time together. Then Harry can stop sleeping with his coworker too. Except, Harry isn’t sleeping with Kira, and when Savi accuses him, it only makes things worse.

Little does Savi know, Kira offers Harry a place on her couch. He turns her down immediately.

Harry refuses to be the bad guy and won’t force Savi to take a job she doesn’t want. Harry feels like their relationship is destroyed, and he’s just trying to keep it together, which is why he hasn’t talked to her.

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AprilJoss in Mistresses

Miranda isn’t happy with the check April gives her, but it’s all April can afford. She tells Miranda to go home and wait for the next check.

April runs into Joss who admits she knows Savi is pregnant. April pretends like she doesn’t know anything, but quickly sneaks outside and clues Joss in on the deets.

Miranda shows up right before April’s date with Richard. She tells April that the monthly payment plan won’t work for her. April kicks Miranda out of her house. Instead of running away, Richard’s there for her and listens to her. Richard suggests she turn Miranda away and not give her any money.

April decides to sell part of her store back to an investor and pay Miranda the full sum she requested, though if it weren’t for the child, April would have sent Miranda away empty handed.

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Joss is still harping on her new boss Olivier who won’t sleep with her.

Olivier sends Joss out to get a client listing, and she loses it by taking more pictures of the property when the husband asked her not to, even though the wife was fine with it. Olivier says he had a lapse in judgment sending her out like that.

Later that night, Joss is snooping in Savi’s drawer and finds a pregnancy book. She mistakenly thinks Savi is happily pregnant with Harry’s child.

Savi talks to Joss about her pregnancy including cheating on Harry. She says she didn’t tell Joss because Joss does this kind of thing all the time, and Savi isn’t like Joss. Her words are harsh, and Joss is really hurt by them. Joss leaves the house, and Savi is alone.

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Karen warns Savi that she turned in her notes saying that Tom was suicidal. Savi agrees to let Karen know when Anthony calls about the notes.

Someone breaks into Karen’s office. She worries that someone took patient files from her computer, especially her notes about Tom.

The call comes through about the insurance money, and Elizabeth hasn’t called Savi back regarding the case, which Karen and Savi agree is weird.

Karen goes to Elizabeth’s home, still concerned Elizabeth hasn’t called the law firm about the insurance money. The housekeeper tells Karen that Elizabeth left the country and won’t be back for a while.

Late that night, Karen finds the photo Sam took slipped under her tea cup at the office. On the back it says, “Missing you — Sam.” All signs point to Sam as the break-in culprit. But what did he take?

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