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Amanda Bynes attacks Obamas on Twitter

Amanda Bynes continues her Twitter ranting and adds President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to people she considers “ugly.” Looking at her other tweets, one has to wonder if she thinks of herself as “ugly,” too.

It looks like Amanda Bynes might have found out that she’s in the running for the Biggest Hollywood troublemaker contest here on SheKnows. Or she’s just being her usual crazy self. Really, it could go either way.

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Bynes seems almost enjoy using her favorite Twitter insult and has now added President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama to her list of people she thinks are “ugly.” Considering who else has made it onto that list, it’s doubtful that the Obamas are going to care one whit what Bynes has to say. Currently, Bynes has included Rihanna, Courtney Love, Jenny McCarthy and Drake — to name just a few — to that list.
Other recent tweets from Bynes included a simple declaration of: “I Love Plastic Surgery.” The comment would seem to back up a couple of her previous posts where she talked about getting cosmetic surgery done. In assorted posts, Bynes talked about having “webbing” between her eyes and how she had that birth defect removed. But she also said that her eyes were black-and-blue and her nose was broken, which would suggest more than a simple surgery to correct a birth defect.

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Other revelations by Bynes on Twitter claim that she’s getting surgeries for someone in particular. One post said: “I need to have surgery to look beautiful for the man I’m in love with so I feel comfortable with the way I look when we get married,” while another proclaimed, “I’m in love with someone else who I do not follow on twitter who is the most gorgeous man I know but drake comes in second.”

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She also proudly announced recently: “I just weighed myself and I’m 114! Only 14lbs closer to 100!”

The sad part about that post is that 100 pounds would actually put her underweight for her height, which is 5 feet 8 inches. Either no one has told her that or she’s chosen to ignore the fact. At 114 pounds, she’s already under the lowest recommended weight for women listed on one health website.

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