Why we love Jason Biggs

Jul 12, 2013 at 6:03 a.m. ET

He's goofy, lovable and downright hilarious. Jason Biggs made us love him for his inappropriateness, but now he's transitioned into more heavy, dramatic roles.

Biggs is our favorite goofball
Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs became a household name for one scene — a very dirty scene — in American Pie 14 years ago.

So how did he move past the sensational hit to go on to star in countless others? It's a trick many actors are probably dying to know, but it comes down to his natural talent and genuine flair for comedy. In anticipation of the new Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, which stars Biggs, here are four reasons we love him.


He knows he's everywhere

What's better than someone who knows he could be overdoing it? He was quoted as saying, "Everywhere you turn, you see me in a movie, and I'm sorry. At this point, people must be saying, 'God, Biggs again? Can't we get away from this guy?'" With an attitude like that, there's no way we'll get sick of Biggs!


He's hilarious on social media

He posts witty — although sometimes inappropriate — jokes and observations that are smartly done. Some celebrities' Twitter accounts are downright pointless, but he uses Twitter to share his own voice, and it shows us his true personality. Plus, he's pretty into using Vine and shoots funny snippets of his everyday life. He'll share weird scenes with his wife, his dog and anything happening in his world. Also, his Instagram shots are downright impressive! (@JasonBiggs


He plays the cowbell

Biggs joined up with the star-studded rock group Yukon Kornelius, showcasing his cowbell abilities in a few songs. The group consists of heavy-hitting musicians who all play in chart-topping groups, like Barenaked Ladies and the Dave Matthews Band. So Biggs' joining this group — which plays gigs for charity, by the way — shows that his range crosses over into the musical world.


He can go from raunchy comedies to serious dramas

He made it big due to his iconic sex scene in American Pie, but he has his serious side, too. He'll show off more of it in the upcoming Netflix original series, Orange Is the New Black. In that show, his fiancée is sent to prison for laundering money, and from the looks of things, it's a more serious role for Biggs. If we know Biggs — and we feel like we do — he'll bring sensitivity and a bit of humor to the role. Our love for this actor has never shone so bright!

Our favorite Jason Biggs movies

Tell us: What's your favorite? Share in the comments below!
  • American Pie
  • Anything Else
  • My Best Friend's Girl
  • Saving Silverman

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