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Relaxed and romantic: Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco

Love is in the air, and we all enjoy a good love story! This time the spotlight falls to Man Of Steel star Henry Cavill and sitcom favourite Kaley Cuoco, whose budding relationship is on the fast track to becoming a Big Bang!

Kaley Cuoco and her Superman, Henry Cavill, have been spotted looking very happy, holding hands while enjoying a grocery shopping excursion together at a local market in Studio City, Los Angeles.

Kaley Cuoco finds her Superman

The pair is reported to have gotten together after Cavill’s romance with actress Gina Carano ended in May this year. But it seems their exes were certainly not on their minds during their latest date, which saw the couple looking loved-up and laid-back.

The rumor mills started to report that the pair was possibly an item when Cuoco posted via her Twitter feed, “Everyone go see ‘man of steel’. It’s fantastic in every single way.”

It certainly seems that Cuoco thinks that Cavill is fantastic in every single way and he feels the same, with a source revealing he “has always wanted to date her”.

Spotted holding hands by roving paparazzi, that’s all the confirmation we need to be certain that there is most certainly a relationship unfolding.

Casually dressed in jeans and sunglasses, the Man Of Steel star sported a bright red t-shirt and an even brighter grin, while Cuoco snuggled into his shoulder.

It is this normal day-to-day activity that makes these stars appear to be just a regular couple, blissfully unaware of the paparazzi and enjoying their time together in a youthful manner. Isn’t it refreshing to see celebrities enjoying a healthy relationship, regardless of the pressure that comes with being in the public eye?

We hope this relationship is here to stay; if not, we would gladly make Cavill our Superman any day!

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