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Fabulous at any age: Elle Macpherson poses topless at 49

Proving that she looks fabulous at any age, Elle Macpherson recreates her famous Playboy cover at age 49.

Elle Macpherson has always looked fabulous and recently proved that you can continue to look amazing at any age. The 49-year-old model posed in nothing but a pair of stockings and underwear for the Elle Macpherson poses topless at age 49 for Harper's Bazaar Australiaupcoming August issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia and it’s hard to tell the difference between that image and the very similar one she took for the cover of Playboy in 1994.

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In both photos, Macpherson adopts almost identical poses — sitting with legs crossed in dark hose, with her arms crossed over her bare chest. Other than changes to her hair and the coloring of her skin (Macpherson obviously hit the tanning booth before the Playboy shoot), Macpherson looks almost the same as her 30-year-old self did back then.

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Macpherson talked to the magazine about what it was like to pose nearly nude for Bryan Adams. The singer-turned-photographer is Macpherson’s long-time friend, which made the shoot easier for her.

“It’s magic, a sort of beautiful magic. It’s about the team, about trust. I trust the process. Movement is important. Things are dynamic — life is not static. I think people want to see personality.”

She also opened up about how she feels as she approaches her 50th birthday, saying that she’s had to learn to listen to her body as she’s gotten older.

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“No one tells you this, but I’ve recognized it as I’ve grown older and wiser, wellness, beauty, strength, good moods and stability require constant maintenance and constant tweaking,” Macpherson said. “You have to constantly listen to your body. You can’t sit there thinking, ‘All this used to work.’ You’re new and fresh and different every day. Resist it and it becomes really tedious. Embrace it and it’s a constant renewing process — holistic, a total intelligence. It’s about being present in your life.”

Photo credit: WENN

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