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Elvis has a granddaughter? Riley Keough FAQs

As we read the latest gossip about Robert Pattinson’s love life, and how he may or may not be dating Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough, we have just one question. Elvis has a granddaughter? We’re just kidding, of course. Here are some answers to questions that probably aren’t frequently asked, but are interesting nonetheless.

Elvis has a granddaughter?

With Lisa Marie Presley as her mom, that makes Elvis Presley Riley Keough’s grandpa. Riley was born 12 years after The King’s death, so she never knew him and never got to hear him sing live. Still, Riley’s path has crossed with other famous singers like her mom, and her step-dad of 20 months Michael Jackson. Riley’s father is Danny Keough and she has a brother, Benjamin, who was delivered in a Scientology “silent-birth.” In 2009, Lisa Marie had twins girls, Finley and Harper, with current husband Michael Lockwood.

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Does her face crack when she smiles?

For a gal who made a living as a model, she sure glares at the camera a lot. Does Robert Pattinson have something for brooding (yes, we’re being kind) girls? (Is it inappropriate to point out how much the two actresses look alike?) Kristen Stewart, Robert’s ex-girlfriend, is famous for her stone-cold gazes and unsmiling poses. Maybe after working the runway since a teen, Riley is tired of smiling.

Is she Kristen Stewart’s arch enemy?

Yes and no. Riley and Kristen starred together in The Runaways where the two allegedly became friends. Riley also attended Stewart’s birthday bash in April. But Riley lost out on the lead role to Snow White and the Huntsman to Stewart. She told The Hollywood Reporter that, “It’s definitely challenging” when going up against Stewart for lead roles. Maybe Riley is looking to change that by assuming the lead role in Pattinson’s love life.

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Are she and Robert Pattinson dating?

Robert Pattinson was seen driving around Hollywood with a redhead, so yeah! (Yes, that was sarcasm you detected.) Some say the couple are dating, others say they aren’t. MailOnline quotes a “source” who claims the couple are dating and that they are “inseparable.” However, “sources” from Rob’s and Riley’s camps deny the rumors. Maybe they just haven’t had a chance to tell Kristen, so they are playing it cool for now. How’s that for wild speculation?

Jack and Diane

Has Riley done any girl-on-girl movies?

She sure has. Riley played Jack in Jack & Diane, resulting in a lot of lip locking with co-star Juno Temple. Elvis’ granddaughter also played a stripper in Magic Mike, so edgy roles don’t intimidate her. Riley’s next project is Mad Max: Fury Road due for release in 2014. Will Pattinson and the King’s granddaughter walk the red carpet for that premiere? Stay tuned.

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