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Twisted recap: Frenemies forever

What’s in the box? Jo will find out and no one will like it when she does. Meanwhile, there are people who want Danny dead. Poor kid.

Twisted sleeping with frenemies

Jo, Rico and Danny are still on their never-ending quest to find proof that Danny is innocent and didn’t kill Regina. No matter what they try, though, things seem to backfire. The same is true for the adults as Jo and Danny’s moms try to rebuild a friendship that was once strong.

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Jo and the sleepover

In 30 seconds or less…

  1. Jo finds a stalker-ish CD all about Archie in a box of Regina’s belongings. She tells Lacey. Lacey confronts Archie.
  2. After Danny’s first soccer game, he confronts Archie about his bad alibi and accuses him of Regina’s murder.
  3. Archie blames the creepy CD and his bad alibi on a move to play soccer for the rival team.
  4. Regina’s mother wants Danny’s head on a platter.
  5. The sheriff searches Danny’s house but comes up short. (The necklace was hidden under a cup holder on his dad’s old chair.)
  6. Danny finally tells Rico and Jo about Reggie’s missing necklace and how it originally belonged to Aunt Tara.

When Jo stumbles into Lacey and her mother outside the local bakery, Lacey’s mom invites Jo to a sleepover. It seems like one seriously awful and uncomfortable night, but Jo agrees. After all, she has snooping to do and bonding with Lacey’s vile friends just might be the break in the case she’s looking for.

It even seems like it might turn out that way, too. Once the girls are asleep, Jo and Lacey get a bit of a chance to bond. Then, once Lacey has passed out, Jo slips into a box brought over by Regina’s mom. It’s full of things that belong to Reg but that she thought Lacey might want. In the box: A photo of Archie, as well as a DVD of him playing soccer with declarations of love popping up all over it. What the heck was going on there?

Side note: Did I dream I saw a collage of Danny pulled from the box, too, or did that really happen?

Rico and Danny

Since Jo is trying to bond with Lacey and her gag-some pals, Jo suggests Rico and Danny try to bond, as well. After all, they’re Jo’s only two friends and yet they hardly know anything about one another. It turns into a decent night, actually. It’s interesting to consider that despite the fact Danny is shunned at school, he’s still somehow cooler than the never-been-fist-bumped Rico. It’s also pretty nice when Danny doesn’t ditch Rico in order to bond with his awful teammates.

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Danny and the soccer team

Danny’s first attempts at bonding with the soccer team don’t exactly go over smoothly, but they don’t 100 percent fail either. He’s a great soccer player and I think he earns a little bit of respect from them because of that. When Archie gets aggressive in the post-game locker room, though, Danny can no longer bite his tongue. He spills the truth: He thinks Archie killed Reg, and points out how he lied about staying in the night of the party.

Archie’s truth

Archie finally confesses his “sins,” but they’re not of the homicidal variety. He was talking with the coach from a rival school. Later, when Jo is caught by one of the evil friends, who tells Lacey that she saw Jo steal something from the box. When Lacey confronts Jo, she tells her the truth — the part about how Archie wasn’t home the night of the party and about the super creepy stalker CD in Regina’s box-of-creepiness. When Lacey finally stands up to Archie about his deviousness, he says the CD was also made to help him earn that spot with the rival team. Lacey believes him, but the rest of us viewers… not so much. Meanwhile, the fact that he was thinking of abandoning the team doesn’t bode well for Archie, nor Danny… who is blamed for causing a rift in their team. Whoops.

Other people out to get Danny

Jo, Rico and sometimes Lacey may be on Danny’s side. Heck, even the soccer team appears to be warming up to him. But, everyone else? Well, let’s just say poor Danny’s life would be a lot better if he just left town. If only he could. But he can’t. And the sheriff and Regina’s mom, in particular, are really gunning for his removal.

When Jo stops by the police station to tell her dad about Archie’s false alibi, the sheriff won’t even listen to her. In his mind, Archie isn’t a suspect. Not because Archie isn’t suspicious, but because he’s too dead set on the killer being Danny. He even gets a search warrant for Danny’s house but — wompwompwomp — it turns up nothing.

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Regina’s mother is also convinced Danny is her daughter’s killer. Jo’s mom tries to extend an olive branch and invites Karen Desai (Denise Richards) to some ladies’ brunch thing. When they first run into Regina’s mom, she’s all smiles and politeness to Karen. Later, when Karen is alone with her and extends her condolences, Regina’s mother unleashes her full fury on Karen. She has it out for Danny and she won’t be happy until he’s behind bars… or worse. Not. Good.

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