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Star Spotlight: Taylor Schilling

Within the last two years, Taylor Schilling’s career has gone from zero to 60 — and she’s not settling down anytime soon. She’s starring in the new Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black this summer.

Taylor Schilling

The spotlight is burning bright as Taylor Schilling stars in the much-anticipated Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black. Learn a little more about the actress of what’s to become your summer TV addiction.

Vital stats

  • Birthday — July 27, 1984
  • Astrological sign — Leo
  • Hometown — Boston, Massachusetts
  • Height— 5 feet 8 inches
  • Family — Parents Robert and Tish Schilling
  • Hobbies — Boston Red Sox fan

If you’re not a fan yet, you probably already have seen Schilling on TV and in films and not even realized it. We were envious of her in The Lucky One, opposite Zac Efron, and felt her emotion in the final, heart-melting scene in the biggest hit of last year’s movie circuit, Argo. And now she’s turning into TV’s hottest actress in the highly awaited Netflix original series, Orange Is the New Black.

Taylor Schilling in Orange Is the New Black

We have no doubt Schilling will shine as the lead in this new series. Remember her from NBC’s medical drama Mercy, where she starred as the tough Iraq War veteran and medical practitioner? Schilling brings in experience playing a tough TV chick.

Come to think of it, Schilling does a great job of playing tough characters and did it in both the films Atlas Shrugged: Part I and Nicholas Sparks’ The Lucky One, where she played the reserved love interest of Efron.

With all the hype around the new series, and the fact that it’s already been renewed for a second season, it looks like Schilling is doing something right! Keep your eye on the latest TV star and watch Orange Is the New Black premiering on Netflix July 11.

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Photo credits: Michael Carpenter/, Netflix

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