Under the Dome: Is Big Jim good or bad?

Jul 2, 2013 at 11:54 p.m. ET

Big Jim may be protecting the town with his secrets on Under the Dome or he could be plotting against them. Here are our theories on what he's hiding.

Big Jim and Linda in Under the Dome

When the show first started it seemed like Barbie (Mike Vogel) was the sketchy one, but after last night's episode the tables have turned on Big Jim. So what's he hiding? Here are our guesses:

1. He's the reason the dome is in place

Okay, maybe we're giving him a little too much credit. That dome is one big hunk of technology and Big Jim is, well, a car salesman. Sure, he's clever and cunning but not exactly the genius mastermind it would take to construct something like the dome. As unlikely as this scenario is, we're still putting it out there on the off chance we discover in the next episode that Big Jim got a perfect score on his SATs or some fluke like that. Yeah, we don't think so either.

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2. He knows why the dome is in place

This is much more likely. He could have been in on some plan — promised power — and things did not turn out how he expected. Now he and the other's involved are trying to cover their tracks. We know it wasn't the military that was responsible for the dome. All signs are pointing inward at one of our characters. It'll probably be the person we least expect and so, early on in the show, we have no clue who it could be. But I'll bet Big Jim knows or at least has an inkling.

3. He's smuggling money

Or goods of some kind. Maybe the fuel? And that's why he's so nervous now that a giant dome has cut him off from his supplier. Suddenly, he's got no where to run if he gets caught. Perhaps Big Jim, Lester and Duke were in some kind of get-rich scheme that's now in jeopardy of being blown wide open since no one can get in and out of the town.

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4. He's a politician

He's trying to make himself look good. He's thinking bigger picture here. If he can figure out where the dome is coming from and make it go away, he won't just be a hero on the small scale. The whole world will know his name. He could be playing a very clever game to put himself in the limelight and no one else.

This scenario may be partly true, but there's got to be more to it because Big Jim's secrets precede the dome. We know this because of his conversations with both Duke and Lester.

5. He's protecting the town

There no doubt Big Jim really likes Chester's Mill. He's the big fish in a small pond, after all. Maybe the secrets he's keeping are backed by good intentions. I know things don't look good for him, but they didn't for Barbie at first, either. I think the idea with Under the Dome is to keep an open mind. After all, if a giant dome can trap a town, anything is possible.

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