Switched at Birth recap: Lots of fireworks

Jul 1, 2013 at 10:16 p.m. ET

In this episode of Switched at Birth, titled "He Did What He Wanted," it's the 4th of July and there are lots of fireworks as Daphne and Kathryn both discover some harsh truths, while John suffers greatly from the stress of everything.

Switched at Birth - He Did What He Wanted

Switched at Birth has now given me an episode where I was all set to write my review about one thing and then, in the final minute, they put in something so dramatic that it changed everything. Poor John (D.W. Moffett) seemed to be getting more and more riled up as this episode went on — not that he didn't have good reason. First, there was the fact that his wife got hit on by a smarmy fellow politician, but then the guy tried to blame Kathryn (Lea Thompson) for "misunderstanding" everything. As if that weren't enough, John also had to deal with the fact that Bay was still staying with Regina and had started seeing Ty (Blair Redford) again. I couldn't blame him for losing his temper, though the things he said to Regina were pretty awful. I found it interesting that she was the one who found him suffering from what I could only assume was a heart attack. That final minute, with Regina counting out as she did CPR on him, felt like the longest 60 seconds ever.

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As for everyone else, there were plenty of fireworks there, too. Daphne (Katie Leclerc) found out that Jace (Matt Kane) was throwing a party without inviting her, apparently so he could pick up other girls. I couldn't decide if the truth was worse, though, once she discovered that he was really the voice behind a gossip blog and was trying to dig up information on Coto. Something tells me that Daphne's promise to Jace is going to somehow involve Kathryn's incident with Coto.

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Emmett's (Sean Berdy) fireworks involved his dad and the fact that pops was planning to get a cochlear implant. I was a bit surprised that Emmett would flat-out tell his father not to get it though. I didn't think Emmett would truly want to deny his father something that the man feels will bring him happiness so I had to wonder how long it will be before Emmett tells his dad to get the C.I. if he wants.

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Ty and Bay's (Vanessa Marano) fireworks were thankfully the quietest of the bunch. I loved how she tried to cheer up Mary Beth by setting up the double date of sorts, even if it ultimately didn't work out. It was incredibly sweet of her to try and it was nice that Ty noticed her efforts. What was even nicer was the two of them finally talking things out and sharing a kiss.

My favorite bits:

Daphne promising Jace that she would enjoy kissing, no matter how things are going in her life.

John asking Kathryn if she had any earrings that said "Bay, get your butt back home now."

Mary Beth talking about cleaning out her brother's room. Switched at Birth - He Did What He Wanted

"Do you think if we moved to an igloo in Antarctica, he would eventually just show up there, too?"

Daphne finding out that Jace was throwing a 4th of July party and didn't invite her. Uh oh.

"You should show up with some handsome stud and make him jealous."
"Good idea, do you think Travis is available?" — I knew she was going to say that but still. Ha!

"We can go miniature golfing and let nature take its course."

"If I let anymore play seep into my work, I run the risk of anarchy."
"How about if I promise this won't be any fun at all?"
"All right."

Travis talking about showing off his "guns" at the lake.

"Suddenly being deaf isn't good enough for you?"

Angelo by the pool. That is all.

Mac glaring at Bay and Mary Beth to be quiet.

Emmett totally knowing that Daphne was going to go look for Jace.

Ty reassuring Mary Beth that she was one of the coolest girl he'd ever met and any guy who didn't like her was an idiot.

"I told you this'd be no fun at all."

Emmett telling his father not to get the cochlear. Wow.

Daphne pointing out to Parker that a guy sleeping with her and then trying to get rid of her was indeed a bad guy.

The entire confrontation between John and Coto.

John admitting that he would've tried to take both girls from Regina. Whoa.

Ty telling Bay that seeing her was the best part of his day. Aw.

Regina starting CPR on John. So scary.

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Do you think John will be OK? How do you feel about Ty and Bay getting back together?

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