Stuck in Love movie review: The Velcro heart

In this indie drama, Jennifer Connelly and Lily Collins play mother and daughter at odds with each other and with love in general. Highlighting the complexities of the human heart, this movie tells the story of one family’s journey into, out of, and around that crazy little thing called love.

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Stuck in Love

3 Stars: Perfect for moms struggling with their teen daughters

Meet the Borgan family. William (Greg Kinnear), is a successful novelist, or at least used to be when he was married to Erica (Jennifer Connelly). Erica left William for a younger dude and William can’t move on with his life, which currently includes sexy time with neighbor Tricia (Kristen Bell) and stalking his ex-wife.

The Borgans have two kids, college-aged Samantha (Lily Collins) and high-schooler Rusty (Nat Wolff), who have both dealt with the split in very different ways. Rusty writes poetry about a troubled girl, but he’s terrified to ask her out. Samantha, however, likes sex as long as it doesn’t come with a date or a boyfriend. Samantha has also ceased speaking to her mother for the last two years, still angry over how callously she treated her father.

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Stuck in Love

But Samantha has some big news: She’s only 19 and her first book called “Under the Pink” is getting published. It is around this event that the Borgans try to repair old wounds.

While there are some real, poignant and emotional performances in the movie, the characters and plot feel a bit contrived for an indie film. The Borgans have beauty, wealth and health but still like to complain an awful lot. Falling in love is tricky, staying in love even more so: We get it. No one here is truly unique or inspirational and we’re never told why mom Erica has a big change of heart.

Stuck in Love

Bottom line: The scene where Jennifer Connelly asks Lily Collins to sign her book is devastatingly powerful, but the rest of the movie, including the “feel-good” ending, falls flat.

Run time is 1 hour, 35 minutes and there are no extra scenes after the credits.

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