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Happy b-day, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock & Chris Harrison! How they’re connected, six-degrees style

Three huge celebs celebrate their birthdays on July 26: Kate Beckinsale turns 40; Sandra Bullock turns 49; and Chris Harrison turns 42. These three have quite different careers, but they have more connections than we realized. Let’s explore.

Six Degrees of Chris Harrison and Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock birthday
Chris Harrison birthday

Degrees of separation: Just 1!

Sandra Bullock is apparently a fan of The Bachelor — and she has chats with Chris Harrison about the show!

“Can’t begin to tell you how great Sandra is. Such a cool woman. Of course, Sandra watches The Bachelor,” he added later.

Six Degrees of Chris Harrison and Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale birthday
Chris Harrison birthday 2

Degrees of separation: Three

Kate Beckinsale acted in the 2012 short Republicans, Get in My Vagina with actress Judy Greer >> Greer guest-starred on Two and a Half Men >> Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre fought with Harrison on Twitter.

The feud started when Lorre tweeted an insult about The Bachelor in November 2012.

“What does it say about us when we think the institution of marriage is threatened by gay people who love each other, but not by idiotic game shows like The Bachelor?”

Harrison later tweeted a retort.

“Chuck love it when people expose their own ignorance!”

Six Degrees of Kate Beckinsale and Sandra Bullock

Kate Beckinsale birthday
Sandra Bullock birthday

Degrees of separation: Four

There are more degrees of separation between Bullock and Beckinsale than we thought, especially since they’ve both acted in so many blockbusters.

Kate Beckinsale dated actor Michael Sheen >> Sheen dated actress Rachel McAdams >> McAdams dated Ryan Gosling >> Ryan Gosling dated Sandra Bullock.

Oh, the tangled webs they weave in Hollywood!

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