Graceland recap: Sleeping with the enemy

Jun 28, 2013 at 5:59 a.m. ET

What kind of trouble will the housemates of Graceland find themselves in this week? Let's just say there's more than one life-or-death situation.

Graceland Pizza Box

Everyone knows that in Graceland, your cover is your life. This week, Johnny and Mike experienced moments when their covers almost cost them their lives.

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Mike: The shooting coach

When Bello reaches out to Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) and Mike to meet him at a fancy restaurant, they're convinced they're in good with the Nigerian mob boss. It turns out that he wants Mike (Aaron Tveit) to play the part of shooting instructor for Bello's latest recruits. When Bello, a former military man, mentions the MQB (Marksmanship Qualification Badge) and Mike can't remember his military acronyms, things almost go awry. He pulls through, though, and soon finds himself in Bello's lot with a bunch of stolen guns and a menacing group of thugs. Eddie is back, too, and not at all trusting of Mike. After the lesson, on his way back to Graceland, Eddie jumps Mike and pries his mouth open with a gun. Oh, shoot!

Mike manages a swift turnabout, threatens Eddie to keep away from him, dismantles his gun and then heads home.

That's not the end of his troubles with Eddie, though. The team tries to save Mike (and to a certain extent Eddie) by bringing him in and having Paige pretend to be turning him over to the cops. They offer him a one-way ticket to Arizona. However, Bello catches on to Eddie's plans to leave and thinks it's because Eddie is a traitor. Bello whispers something to him (no idea what) and gives Eddie the gun, which he immediately points at Mike's head. Just when we think Mike is a goner already, Eddie pulls the weapon back and kills himself.

WTF did Bello whisper?!

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Johnny takes a drug dealer to bed

Paige is closing in on a drug bust, but she needs to prove the illegal weed is coming from the same woman that's paid to grow the prescription stuff. The woman happens to be an old "friend" of Jakes', but in order to pull off a convincing snoop around her farm, they need someone who looks a little more, well, Mexican. Enter Johnny (Manny Montana).

To help build his cover, Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito), the resident makeup artist, needs to add to his already extensive tattoo collection and airbrushes a masterpiece onto his back.

Everything goes fine at the farmer's dinner table. Too fine. The weed farmer goes from annoyed by Johnny to turned on by him and it's clear she wants in his pants. Against Jakes' better judgment, she lets Johnny stay the night.

Come the morning sun, Johnny's snapping pictures of the massive amount of weed in her barn and she's finding paint smudges from his fake tattoos on her sheets. Then, when an unsuspecting Jakes (Brandon McLaren) comes in to pick up Johnny from his one-night stand, they both end up in the barn with guns to their heads. Luckily, Jakes brought Paige.

Our favorite bada** babe drives her truck through the barn and engages in a shootout with the farmer and her men. In the end, Johnny saves the day with a bucket to the head of the raging reefer farmer. Nice.

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The roommates turn to the sauce

Charlie hurt her back while working and decides to take a few days off. While Johnny, Jakes and Paige work on securing some weed and Mike and Briggs try to take down Bello, Charlie sets out on making her family marinara sauce recipe that is, apparently, 1,000 years old and comes with a story (every time) about the Inquisition. While she's cooking, she even sleeps on the couch to stay close to the pot.

However, the timing sucks: Sauce night comes just as Bello calls Mike. The rest of the crew eats their sauce while Mike witnesses Eddie put a bullet through his head. Mike has spent years in training and thought he was prepared for everything. He wasn't prepared for that, though. We leave Mike scrubbing away the red sauce he never ate from the pans he doesn't really see. The chore wheel strikes, again. But this time Mike's chore might be the only thing saving him from a lot of sobbing in bed.

Everyone also knows doing dishes is the best chore to help you process your day.

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