VIDEO: YouTube celebrates Pride Month

Jun 28, 2013 at 8:28 a.m. ET

Spend some of your Pride Month by surfing YouTube's special LGBT programming.

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In honor of Pride Month, YouTube is rolling out the rainbow carpet on its Spotlight page for the next two days.

YouTube's "Spotlight" shines on the latest and best trending videos, but on June 27-28, it will be creating its own trends by featuring LGBT-dedicated videos only. Whether the video stars homosexual individuals or helps support LGBT rights, if it's good... it's on the Spotlight channel.

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YouTube has timed the Pride Spotlight to run in tandem with gay pride parades taking place across the globe in cities such as San Francisco, New York, Paris, Dublin and beyond.

Featured gay YouTube stars:

  • Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen — Watch as Hannah pounds back some wine or a few cocktails and then takes to the kitchen. Everyone knows your culinary genius shines brightest after a few drinks, right? ... Right?
  • Shane Bitney Crone — For something a little more serious, Crone's videos are the place to be. Crone first made waves when he took to YouTube to plead for same-sex equality after losing his lifelong partner. Most recently, Crone produced the semi-biographical film Bridegroom, which debuted at Tribeca Film Fest.

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LGBT playlists:

Want to catch up on some of the most important issues in the LGBT world? These playlists touch on the heroes and the "enemies."

  • "It Gets Better" — The "It Gets Better" campaign is perhaps one of the most widely known YouTube campaigns dealing with LGBT issues. The videos are geared toward LGBT youths who are struggling to find their place in the world amongst the bullies and the misunderstandings. The videos feature the likes of President Obama, Lady Gaga and, yeah... Woody, from Toy Story (plus a bunch of Pixar's best team members).
  • Same Sex Marriage Proposals — Proof that love looks the same, no matter who shares it, this playlist of marriage proposals from same-sex couples show that love is heart-melting and romantic, no matter who is involved.

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As part of the campaign, YouTube is also promoting #ProudToLove. YouTube wants viewers from around the globe to upload videos answering one very simple, but very important question: Who, what or why are you #ProudToLove?

Enjoy your time on YouTube!

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