INTERVIEW: 5 Q's with MasterChef's casualty, Jonny Blanchard

Jun 27, 2013 at 6:53 p.m. ET

For MasterChef Season 4's Jonny Blanchard, heavenly French pastries wound up being the kiss of death. Taken down by a box of macaroons, our favorite fauxhawked Bostonian fills us in on what's next.

MasterChef contestant Jonny BlanchardSheKnows: Well, we were sad to see you go, my friend! You went from the top 3 in the mystery box challenge to getting maca-ruined. What happened?

Jonny Blanchard: The mystery box went great — it was definitely a challenge! I actually freaked out a little bit when I lifted the box… I think I jumped back about two feet seeing that giant pig head staring back at us. But I knew if something was going to take me out in this competition, it would be a delicate French pastry or something along those lines that I’m just not familiar with. I literally knew 10 minutes in that I’d already lost, so it was just the frustration building the whole time and then right at the end saying, “I’m going out with a bang here!” (laughs)

SK: Such a shame for them to break up your bromances with Malcolm and Jordan. Is MasterChef one big, happy frat house among the guys?

JB: Pretty much, for the most part! I really spent a lot of time with Jordan and Malcolm out there, and then James and Eddie later on as the show moved on. We definitely had some late nights out there. Jordan and I were the only two swimming out there at Venice Beach in February and everyone was looking at us saying, “What the hell are you doing out there?” And we said, “Man, we’re from Minnesota and Boston — this is middle of the summer for us!”

SK: Ha ha! Well, were you bummed to leave one episode before Eva Longoria?

JB: Definitely! I saw the preview and I said, “You’ve gotta be kidding me! I missed Eva Longoria by one episode? All I had to do was make it one more day out here?!” I talked to a couple of the guys about it afterwards, and they said, “Yeah, you stare at Eva Longoria just looking for something to be wrong with her, but she’s just perfect everywhere.” And I said, “Geez, I wouldn’t know — I wasn’t there!” (laughs)

SK: You’re known for quirky food combos. What’s something offbeat everyone should try at some point?

JB: Definitely the lobster crackerjacks! I’ve had a million questions about them, and everybody says, “There’s no way that makes sense!” I coach softball with my girlfriend, and I have 10- and 11- and 12-year-old girls giving me crap every week for every single thing I make, saying, “I can’t believe you made this! I can’t believe you made that!” (laughs) I thought that was pretty funny, just to get their opinion on everything. But definitely the lobster crackerjacks are pretty unique and out there. You know, I try doing different stuff all the time… it’s just, you throw everything in a pot and maybe you burn it and maybe you don’t. If it works, it works, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t!

SK: What can fans expect in the future from you and the fauxhawk... like maybe the tailgate party collab Eddie suggested on Twitter?

JB: I would absolutely do that in a heartbeat — we’ve gotta find somebody to set it up! He’s down in Miami, so maybe I could go down there for a Dolphins game or maybe he could come up here for one or something like that. We’ll try to get a Dolphins/Patriots thing going on. I think he’s played for both of them, so he’s gotta have a connection somewhere. But I’m actually working with a friend of mine right now whose brother makes food trucks — it’s Bostonian Body — and they make food trucks from scratch. So it’s definitely in the initial stages of trying to find out what I need and what it’s gonna cost, but I would really love to do that [a foodtruck] and try to put something like that together.


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