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VIDEO: Snooki shows off her hot post-baby body

After years of partying, it took a baby to get Snooki to settle down and get in shape. She has been working out and showed off her new hot body on Instagram this week.

Just 10 months after giving birth to her baby boy, Lorenzo, Jersey Shore star Snooki is already looking hotter than she did before pregnancy.

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Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, said back in January that she had lost more than 40 lbs. since giving birth. She posted a photo on Instagram this week showing off her newly slimmed-down and toned body and talked about her continued workouts.

“Getting more toned & defined!! #muscles #fitlife,” she wrote.

Polizzi has been posting numerous photos of her workouts on Instagram, showing gyms and other various locations. Just a few days before that post, she had also posted a photo of her in what looks like a workout course lifting a tire almost as large as she is.

“How I start my Saturdays… #buns&guns,” Snooki wrote along with that post.

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The longtime party girl seems to have turned things around since her days on Jersey Shore, and is doing what she can to improve her life.

“I go [to a trainer] four times a week, and we do legs, arms and everything,” she told People back in January. “And after every one-hour workout, I do an hour of cardio… I’m still working my a** off, but it’s all worth it. I’m now motivated and I want to change my body. It’s a good feeling to work out because I feel much better. Plus, my guy Jionni likes it.”

Snooki is also learning to lead a healthier lifestyle. She talked to Life & Style back in May about how she is changing her life.

“I have a trainer,” she said. “He trains me five days a week and then I do cardio on the weekends. He sends me meals, so it’s basically chickens, vegetables and salads.”

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Snooki also said that she has cut back on alcohol, something that would have seemed out of place a few years ago. But for the new mom, it looks like she has more important things in her life.

Photo credit: Instagram/Nicole Polizzi

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