INTERVIEW: The Lone Ranger‘s Ruth Wilson kisses Armie Hammer and tells

Ruth Wilson chats with SheKnows about making out with Hollywood’s new heartthrob Amie Hammer, her longtime crush on Johnny Depp and her expert Ranger skills.

Ruth Wilson, The Lone Ranger

English actress Ruth Wilson stars in Disney’s remake of the classic tale, The Lone Ranger. But this beauty is no damsel in distress. See what Ruth told us about hanging out in the old West with two of Hollywood’s hottest actors and how her wrangling skills compare to those of the boys.

Q&A with Ruth Wilson

SheKnows: So, Ruth, we have to know: Who’s the bigger heartthrob, Johnny Depp or Armie Hammer?

Ruth Wilson: I think probably Johnny Depp. Armie would hate me for saying that. When I was 15, [Johnny] was a heartthrob and he’s still a heartthrob now.

SK: What was it like working with Johnny?

RW: He was great. He was very nice to be around and [it was] great to watch his technique. He’s such a unique actor. What he brings to the screen is really impressive to watch. He’s very welcoming and warm, always enjoying himself and having a great time.

SK: Tell us about Armie, the man behind the mask.

RW: Armie is a joy to work with — he’s so professional and has so much energy. I’ve never met someone with so much energy. He had a long, hard job with this and he never moaned, never complained.

SK: You two have a very inventive on-screen kiss — how was it?

RW: He’s a great kisser. It was really fun to do. We were on a fake horse that was moving in a galloping motion and Armie was swinging on a wire that dropped him down. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before or will probably do again.

SK: That scene looked difficult to make. Were any of your other scenes dangerous?

RW: Yeah, lots of them were. I had to hang upside down off a train that went 14 miles an hour. I had to throw myself off a train, jump on a horse backward — lots of it was quite dangerous.

SK: How did you prepare for these action-packed scenes?

RW: We did a cowboy camp for two weeks before we started, which Armie and I were both involved in. Guns, lassoing, horseback riding and wagon driving.

SK: Which one of you had better skills?

RW: I have to say I was better than him. I was a natural. But then, I didn’t get much chance to practice since I don’t do a lot of it in the film. By the end Armie was an expert. He rides so well, he became The Lone Ranger. He was brilliant. But I was better initially!

SK: So what are the chances of you guys making a sequel?

RW: We don’t know anything yet. But it would be wonderful to do another one.

Don’t miss Ruth Wilson, Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in The Lone Ranger, in theaters today.

Photo credit: Brian To/WENN