The Goodwin Games recap: Closing time

Jun 25, 2013 at 5:20 a.m. ET

In this episode of The Goodwin Games, called "Happy Hour," Henry gives a speech 12 years later than he should have, Chloe's attempt to be less selfish pays off and Jimmy tries his hand at a singing career.

The Goodwin Games - Happy Hour

OK, hands up, who else now has "Closing Time" stuck in their heads? I would complain but I actually like that song (yes, I still have the album — don't judge me) so it's OK. You'd think that Henry (Scott Foley) using a lyric from a Semisonic song would just be a joke, but I forgot about the "every new beginning" line. Funny how I never realized how maudlin that bit could be, but I'm not buying that Henry is now suddenly over Lucinda (Kat Foster) because he got to give her his speech. It's just a matter of time before he and Lucinda end up back together and I might feel sorry for his fiancée if we ever saw the woman, but since we don't, I say: You snooze, you lose.

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I thought it was super sweet of Chloe (Becki Newton) to try and do the right thing by setting April (Melissa Tang) up with Ivan. She really has been doing everything she possibly can to make up for being so terrible to her former best friend and giving up a hot guy is about as big of a sacrifice as one can make. I didn't expect that to actually work out in Chloe's favor, but I'm absolutely glad that it did. Chloe and Ivan are cute together.

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Speaking of... well, OK maybe not cute, but kind of sweet together — how funny was it to find out about April and Jimmy? I didn't see that coming at all. In fact, when Jimmy (T.J. Miller) protested to Chloe about her trying to set April and Ivan up, I thought it meant that he knew some big dark secret like maybe those two were like half-brother and sister and didn't know it. My mind so wasn't even going toward a Jimmy-and-April place that I still thought it was a joke. But now that I see them together, it is sort of sweet. I'm curious to see if she'll make him more responsible or if he'll make her a little more wild. Then again, how much wilder can you get than sleeping with Jimmy?

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My favorite bits:

"Midlife crisis? Shut your sweet little face... and that's a stupid hat."

"What happened? You were like a perfect storm of nerd." The Goodwin Games - Happy Hour

Ivan finally getting up the courage to ask out Chloe.

"I do look good in a paper hat."
"I know."

Jimmy inadvertently confessing during one of his songs.

Henry admitting that he occasionally sent the "boudoir photos."

Henry accidentally sending a boudoir photo to Lucinda. Oops.

Henry throwing his phone in a water glass. Again. Seriously, why does he think that will work?

"Did you quote Semisonic?"
"If I did, it's not the song you think it is."
"Was it 'Closing Time'?"

"Woman of the cloth holding my junk hostage."

Poor Ivan trying to talk romance to Chloe while she was busy trying to hook him up with April.

Lucinda's attempt at Henry's speech.

"I didn't leave you for God."
"It's fine, you have a type."

Chloe admitting that she got lost in Ivan's eyes as she was trying to say she wasn't interested in him.

Henry, then Jimmy, passing out when Henry announced that he'd broken up with Lucinda.

Chloe beating on Henry for dumping Lucinda.

Ivan telling Chloe that he named a star after her. Yep, she really had no choice but to kiss him and yep, of course April caught them.

Finding out that Jimmy and April have been hooking up. SAY WHAT??

April finally screaming at Jimmy to stop singing. I was so happy she stopped him before he decided to go into what positions they'd tried.

Aw. I'll be darned if Henry's speech, even with the "Closing Time" lyric, wasn't touching.

"Would you please make out with me again?" — Well, that's a line I bet would work on pretty much anyone.

Henry trying to claim that, now that he'd given his speech, he was finally over Lucinda.

Chloe keeping Henry in the dark about Jimmy and April.

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